Sobhraj finally Convicted & Life-sentenced

Finally after a long courtship trials, Supreme Court of Nepal convicted French National Charles Sobhraj on the charge of murders. It must be a sad news to few thousand supporters of Charles Sobhraj (as of Facebook pages and groups) and Nihita Biswas, fiancé of Sobhraj, because of life-sentence of one of the serial killers Mr Sobhraj.

Charles Sobhraj Conviction
Charles Sobhraj Conviction

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PCL phased out, HSEB changes +2 curricula

Was there sufficient homework before phasing out the Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) by the Nepalese Government? PCL has always remained as the college entry level programs in Nepal under the higher secondary level equivalent of Tribhuvan University (TU). The relative reach to PCL was always lesser compared to suburb and villages, but that doesn’t mean the Government should phase out the country’s one of the oldest higher secondary schooling without apt planning and merging into the HSEB. There is much more politics than edu stuff on the country. Continue reading

Funny Politicians – Facebook exposure of Nepalese Politicians’ Cartoon

Facebook, in recent days, is been loaded with so many funny pictures of Nepalese Politicians – these Photoshopped images are just coming out on the time of Maoists bandhs, leaders failing to write constitution in time, and all those political chaos that’ s been surmounting Nepalese development.

Due to Nepal Government regulations and broken Facebook image links, cartoons published on this page are no more available. Thank you for understanding. – Updated Sept 6, 2014
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Start of 3rd Mass Revolution by Maoists

May 1st or the May Day was observed by Maoists, the then terrorists party of Nepal, as the start of 3rd Mass Revolution on their words. Maobadi are revolutionizing for their power.

The Maoist president Prachanda (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) wants a seat of Prime Minister, and demands the resignation of the present Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal- the person who was defeated in two place as a candidate in an constitution election. Continue reading

Maoists do it all – bandhs, strikes, and whatever they could do in Nepal for their leaders

A supporter of Maoist during protest in Nepal
A supporter of Maoist during protest in Nepal

Maoists are withstanding their indefinite general strike in Nepal since last Saturday (May 1). The party cadres are now with sorts of weapons like lathis and stones, and eventually the Nepal bandh is turning into violence. In some of the places there are clashes between Maobadi cadres and local peoples againts the strikes.

This indefinite strike by Maoists is costing Nepal lots. Here’s what Maoists do it all – bandhs, strikes, and whatever they could do in Nepal for their leaders, in glimpses of pictures across various papers and magazines published in the country recently. Continue reading

UK suspends Nepali Student Visa applications- end of the era

Sad time starts here now with UK ending their visa approval to Nepali students along with Indian and Bangladeshi students. This is a temporary suspension due to a very high surge in applicants wanting to go to UK. So, how long should Nepali students wait before they could go to London for a job in a local Indian restaurant (a reality, if not most does) and few words in college deeds.

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सुन्सान देश अनि नागरिक सर्वोचता : NepalBandh – the way Maobadi wants

फेरी पनि नेपाल बन्द कस्तो मज्जा है!

माओवादीको नागरिक सर्वोचताको लागि नेपाल बन्ध रे!

नेपालबन्दको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

बल्ल बन्द भयो, तैपनि अफिस जानैपर्ने है

बरु एक्-दुई महिनै बन्द गरे कसो होला

नाम नेपालबन्द अनि सडक सुन्सान तर मासुभात अनि रक्सिको साथ ! Continue reading

What’s NOT in Nepal? नेपालमा के छैन?

Mountain of Nepal, © ekendraonline.comWhat is NOT in Nepal? Itself is a fallacy. Nepal is a boosted country. Guffed and scrambled. The beauty creation of the nature and vast resources to frutify its billion of population in the congested land of hills and plains and mountains and everywhere. Major talking minds, bribing hands, committed leaders (oops, this must have been corrupticians), called founders of Naya Nepal (New Nepal) and yet the poorest and the least developed country of the world despite the progress and digress that flows like spring of monsoon and yet like drought of winter, again another mistake – this should have been a loadshedding, BTW. Continue reading