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Always searching for the best ICT practices and the resulting betterment in life can certainly bring the positive change to the world.

About Me:

I believe in work. Work is never related to your personality but how you execute it with the best from your know-how. I’m an IT Professional and a researcher of next generation web, impactful social media and ICT4D. Here is a dedicated page on WhoIs Ekendra.

About this Site:

High def SVG LogoOnce a blog, then a website, and again a portfolio blog; this site has been on the web since 2002 irrespective of many ups and downs. From the free pages of CJB to Blogger to Joomla, I have named this site as “A site for mass proficiency” mainly because 90% of the visitors are organically referred by a search engine, and most probably you will never again visit this site. Here is a dedicated page about this site.

About Disclaimer:

As the trend of computing gets going, even a very small site. I have to respect and manage the concerns of the visitors. This site does the same with DNT (Do Not Track), cookies and data policy rights of every user. You might want to read this disclaimer page.

You can contact us here. Please, do not send email attachments to me unless otherwise!


Project DPro PMDPro certification
Project DPro PMDPro certification
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