Download C-Media USB 3D Audio Controller – PD 552

Sound Controller PD 552 Package
Sound Controller PD 552 Package

Welcome to the download page of C-Media USB 3D Audio Controller – PD 552 for both audio device driver and the software. You can also download a package containing both driver and software for PD 552 device, also works for PD 551.

The Xear true 3D Sound Audio Controller in form of either PD 551 or PD 552 are USB based sound cards brightened by LEAD 3D Sound 5.1 TIDE. Fantastic device for DVD contains, music and games.

Click the image to see more screenshots.

Please ensure that you have read the article on C-Media USB 3D Audio Controller – PD 552 if not do it before downloading here (opens in a new tab).
Choose your download type for C-Media USB 3D Audio Controller Device:

Download 1

Details: C-Media PD 552 USB Audio Driver ONLY, zipped file, size 2.25 MB, password provided inside the file.


Download 2

Details: C-Media PD 552 USB Audio Software Full, zipped file, size 4.32 MB, password provided inside the file

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  1. Zienab says

    Thanks for driver.

    1. Ekendra says

      Glad that it helped you!

  2. Claus says


    1. Ekendra says

      What makes you think it is virus? Claus, you are virus in yourself, you are afraid to explain what made you say that!

      1. Pop R.W.C says

        upload again

        1. Ekendra says

          Thanks for your suggestion; uploading the file again with much ease this time.

  3. annoyed downloader says

    passworded download!

  4. John Witer says

    How i install this on Windows 7/8 even on compatibility mode i cannot

    1. Ekendra says

      You can install this C-Media driver in your Windows 7 even in Windows 8, just right click for properties, compatibility tab (for 64 bit, but for 32 bit not needed at all), click save. Then double click to install the file. If still problem, let me know.

      1. Admin says

        How to install on Windows 10 x64?

  5. Sirius says

    the link is dead, could you upload it somewhere else?

  6. sam says

    i still can’t install that.. help please!

  7. Wynand Fourie says

    downloaded both links try both passwords but nothing happend keeps giving me wrong password please help me !!!!!!

  8. Usman says

    Thanks for driver… (for windows 7-8 users) you have to install driver manually from device manager in windows 7 and windows 8 it works great. Thanks again

  9. Aadi says

    It is removed could you mail it to me [email protected]

    i wold really appreciate if you could

  10. hergrieves says

    after entering the password it reads wrong password and stops running.

  11. marcelo says

    no puedo intalarlo tengo win 8 pro y no funciona

  12. Dinesh kumar says

    The driver is not working for Windows XP – as specified it should be working as plug and play for XP but it is not getting detected. Could you please help what has to be done.?

  13. pingil kayeem says

    dear Ekendra, could i get the password please… i couldn't find the password at the link you've provided inside this compressed file… or, you can email it to me at [email protected]. thank you so much for your help…

  14. john says

    just cant get the password, any help?

  15. mosa says

    password is : C-MediaDwldEoLx

  16. farhan fauzan says

    hey,, dat application only a uninstaller.. after i click dat show "Do you really want to remove C-Media Driver?" plz fix i need installer..

  17. farhan fauzan says

    lol i can open dis installer now (using compability) and dat show error "please plug in COMMODOW usb audio" how to fix dat omg 🙁

  18. Siddhartha says

    I bought the product yesterday, but I am not able to find the drivers. Could you kindly send the driver a [email protected]. Thanks.

  19. carlos says

    I bought the usb a couple of days back, and I could not find the drivers so far, could you please send it over to [email protected] please? thanks in advance.

  20. Peter says

    Bad news: Finally I opened this installer (with compability mode) but got an error "please plug in COMMODOW usb audio". It's a sh.t. :(. But at least it's has no virus inside… omg

  21. muia says

    reupload the links plz and make more easy

  22. Carlos Alvarez says

    the link is dead, could you upload it somewhere else? pls

  23. nixon says

    reupload please

  24. Seb says

    reupload pleaseeeee

  25. Edgar Baruch Sanchez says

    THE LINK ARE BROKE , Can you attached again or repair the link to download please

  26. Timo says

    hope anyone will respond, the link is dead again

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