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How to write a good Thesis for Master’s degree in Engineering, What does Thesis mean to do and how you can acquire it? I have managed to compile and share some guidance on Master thesis and Doctoral dissertation based on AIT’s format here. There are even a couple of video tutorials on how to structure the Thesis format, taken from Thesis writing workshop organized by Student Union (SU) recently.

Structure of this page: Thesis > Guidance

Things you need to note when developing a concrete research based innovative ideas laden Thesis. Ensure your thesis is complaint with following factors while maintaining the standards of your institution.

  1. Develop a concept
  2. Analyze the model of your concept
  3. Think about the simulation environment, accompanied by experiments and verifications
  4. Explore the market value and technological expertise if need.

AIT has its own format for Special Study and Thesis, you can download the AIT Thesis guidelines and format from link given below. Some guidelines are specific to Department of Telecommunications and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

There is a tutorial which covers on how to create references/bibliography easily (works for both MS Word and LaTeX) based on JabRef and Mendeley. You can download the whole of AIT Thesis template from here.

  1. Notes.docx :
  2. presentation_thesis_writing.pptx :
  3. AIT_Thesis_Template.docx :


  2. Easiest and Fastest way to create References for your Thesis and Documents (JabRef & Mendeley) :
  3. AIT Master’s and Doctoral Thesis or Dissertation report LaTeX Template (updated) :

Creating heading style in Microsoft word

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Creating Table of Contents part – 01

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Creating Table of Contents part – 02

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  2. Thank you so much for this. It is very useful for me while I am looking for an AIT Master thesis LaTeX template.

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