360 Panoroma Photo of a river in Sauraha Chitwan

Ekendra's 360 Photography & Street View Contributions

In this page, I have tried my best to share the best of 360 Photography (mainly still imagery) of various locations and point of interest which were initially taken for listings in Google Maps street view photographs.
I have been a Google Street View Trusted (SV|T) Photographer for quite a sometimes now with over a million of views. As of now, I’m one of only 2 Street View Trusted Photographers from Nepal, and only the one to be from Pokhara. I’m a Level 5 Local Guide (one of 6 thousands) and a Google Street View Trusted Photographer (one of 1 thousands) as of March 2017 (*latest figure of Local Guides and Street View Trusted Photographers is available from Local Guide’s Connect Platform.)
Enjoy these select 360 photos below, clicking them will take you to Google Maps’ 360 photo view. This collection of unique 360 experiences will be updated as I create and share publicly. Ensure your device or mobile phone support the view.
Check out my Street View Contributions here and Local Guide’s Connect Platform here for more detailed information.
I welcome you to join Pokhara Local Guides community to learn and share more about being a Google Local Guide and Street View Photographer and contributor.

Best 360 Photography

Pokhara Airport 360 Photo

Rock Garden, Dhor Barahi, Tanahun 360 Photo

Tribhuvan International Airport (Domestic Terminal) 360 Photograph

National Rail Museum, New Delhi 360 Photograph

This is one of many 360 photos of the New Delhi National Rail Museum I told in March 2015. You can view them in Google Maps directly.

Bhadrakali Temple Pokhara 360 Photograph

Check out 360 degree views of Bhadrakali temple in Pokhara. In the picture, main temple, Ganesh temple & Devi temple. The crowd on Nawami of Dashain.

Beautiful Chitwan National Park 360 Photo

This is my all time favorite 360 panoramic photograph which was taken on the middle of the wooden bridge that has no side bars and is meant only for winter purposes. During the summer this bridge is hardly seen above the water.

Crocodile Farm, Chitwan National Park 360 Photo

Supported by WWF and Lacoste, this Crocodile Farm is a breeding center for crocodiles and is considered highly successful.

For more 360 Photography tips and tricks read my Photography sections. You can also check more 360 Photos from my Google Maps Contributions.

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