Mobile Communication Technology : Elective

Course Syllabus for “Mobile Communication Technology” Elective Subject, approved on Pulchowck Campus, IOE effective from 2059 Baisakh 1. Introduction( 4 hours) 1.1 Definition of Wireless Communications 1.2 Evolution of Mobile Radio Communications 1.3 Mobile Radio System around the world 1.4 Some examples of Wireless Communication Systems 1.4.1 GSM 1.4.2 DECT 1.4.3 MARTS 1.4.4 VSAT 1.4.5 …

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Distribution of different frequency range

Different Frequency Range Distribution This table might not provide all the necessary information for specific frequency range. No hard and fast rule for opting an antenna for a particular frequency be there. Many electrical factors (eg radiation efficiency, radiation pattern, maximum antenna gain, antenna impedance, frequency characteristics) and structural factors (eg shape, size, appearance, cost …

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