Case Studies of Engineering Professional Practice for Bachelors of Engineering

Case studies based on Codes of Ethics, Tort, Liability and Negligence in Professional Engineering

  1. Er Satyaman Shrestha was working as a Project Engineer in a road construction project in Chitwan. Er Ramesh Thapa, close friend of Satyaman was also working as a site engineer in the same project for a construction company. Construction work was in full swing. Ramesh and Satyaman were tired every day after the work.Almost every day, Ramesh proposes Satyaman for drinks and good foods in the restaurant after work. After few days of work Satyaman noticed that the ratio of cement mortar used in the stone masonry was 1:6 instead of 1:4 as per design. Similarly, there was 1:3:6 ratio of mixture instead of 1:2:4 as per design in the PCC and RCC works. Satyaman complained of this and asked for the reason. Ramesh told to Satyaman that the strength required for the construction is still safe in the mortar of 1:6 and concrete of 1:3:6 and also this is only the means to cover the overheads of entertainments and other financial benefits, Ramesh did this.As this action does not affect the quality of work, Ramesh requested Satyaman to stay silent on this matter and assured Satyaman that he would be responsible for all the consequences arising if any. How would you judge the role of Satyaman and Ramesh in ethical ground? Discuss.
  2. An election is to be held next month. One of the MPs (Member of Parliament) of your constituency comes to you and requests you to divert some of the budget to have a feasibility survey of different road routes in your district to give positive impression of his initiatives to the people residing there. Being a technical executive officer of the district, what would you do?
  3. You are working as an engineer from a consulting firm in Pokhara. Your friend Mr Ram is working as a project engineer from contractor in the same project. Mr Ram invites you for dinner every Friday to celebrate ‘good Friday’ and requests you to share the guesthouse for your accommodation.What would you do? Prepare a case study based on code of ethics. Make supplementary assumptions if necessary.
  4. Engineer Ramesh Shrestha was working with the contractor in the mega construction project (say construction of multi-dimensional underground business complex in Kathmandu). You were given responsibility to control quality of work in the site. The construction company had maintained confidentiality of the incentives and salary of employees and the state of quality of work as a management tools.One day Ramesh happen to come to the office of executive engineer Sudhir, from site, Er Sudhir was not in his office. While waiting for Er sudhir, Er Ramesh went through the computer of executive engineer. He opened tire confidential file of incentives and salaries of employees in the computer. He found differences in the levels of salaries and incentives to different employees.In the meantime, Er Sudhir came to his room and found Ramesh looking confidential file on the computer. Sudhir was not happy with Ramesh for this act. How do you judge the conduct of Ramesh in the ethical ground? How should Sudhir react with Ramesh for this behavior?
  5. A RCC bridge was designed by the designer on behalf of consultant. This was constructed by the reputed “A”-Class contractor. After the completion of the construction, traffic was allowed on the bridge. After six month of operation there were cracks in the bridge. A probe team was established by the road department.The design procedure was okay, but it was found that the quality of steel material used was not duly tested. The contractor argued that the procedure of construction was in accordance with the instruction of engineer and specification, however, the workmanship was found not as per specification. There was also lack of proper supervision by the consultant. The design load for the bridge was 20 tons. It was also reported that there happen to pass more than 20 tons vehicles also.The consultant was good friend of contractor. Being a member of the probe team, what is your judgment on the failure of this bridge?
  6. Both Mr Shyam Lal and Mr Ram Lal consultant engineers slipped on the florr of the building during their inspection visit, which was under construction, causing serious injury. During investigation it was revealed that the floor was not constructed as per design and specification making it slippery. The flooring work was sub contracted to Mr Hari on Mr Shyam Lal’s recommendation.Who is to blame? Give reasons.
  7. In a construction project for which you are the consultant’s supervising engineer, the contractor requests you for preparing his running bill of works done, and assuring you to pay a handsome amount for your work, as his engineer recently quit the job.How should you respond? Explain your arguments.
  8. A production company invited you to attend a one day interaction program to be organized at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu. A program includes advertisement of the products, free distribution of a hand bag and a dinner party. Will you attend that program or not? Give reasons.
  9. Mr Kamal, an engineering graduate, carried out survey for telephone line requirement for a newly growth city near Kathmandu Valley. He estimated 500 lines for five years period. But, in two years period, the demand for telephone lines dramatically increased and application for telephone line was reached 2500.Discuss this case with reference to reasonable skill and competency of a professional.
  10. You are appointed as a consulting engineer in a project where your best friend is supplying materials. The community people knew the fact and asked you to quit the job because you cannot control the quality of the material.How do you cope with this situation? Discuss ethical aspects related to this situation.
  11. Er Narendra Sah was working with the contractor in a construction project (say construction of housing complex in Kathmandu). He was given the responsibilities to control quality of work in the site. Incidentally, material supplier (Ramchandra) in the construction is a friend of Narendra.Owing to the road blockade and other strikes, Ramchandra was facing difficulty in supplying sand and aggregates as per the given specification. Sand and aggregates materials were available in the close proximity of the site, but it is slightly sub-standard. Ramchandra requested Narendra to allow this material to be used for construction. Ramchandra convinced Narendra that the strength of concrete shall be produced as per specification even with the use of sub-standard materials.Ramchandra also offered to share 50% of the cost saved during this process. How do you judge the conduct of Narendra and Ramchandra on an ethical ground?
  12. According to the engineering council act, all the engineering college should be registered to the council so that the products (Engineers) from such college are eligible to get the membership otherwise not.A college named XYZ after affiliation with the reputed university has started the bachelor degree in Civil and Computer Engineering to provide the skillful manpower for the nation. When it completed one academic session, the product (Engineer) came on the market for the competition. Once an engineer interested to apply for Lok Sewa (Public Service Commission – Government Sector) and Lok Sewa rejected to forward his application because of his membership of Engineering Council.He went to get membership to the council; finally he found his college was not registered in the council. Discuss the role of the different parties in this case study.
  13. A student got NQ in the ABC subject and was barred to seat in the final exam conducted by the university. The students claimed to the teacher that he didn’t find the opportunity to make up this NQ giving the betterment exam.Student threats teacher and teacher felt uncomfortable to continue the classes keeping such tension on the mind. How would you judge the role of student and teacher in this case?

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