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WordPress in Windows Azure Cloud Platform, make up logos

[How to] Installing WordPress or any CMS on Windows Azure cloud, a complete guide

No doubt WordPress is the number #1 publishing platform right now, and addressing your blog reader aptly is right at your arms – speed, contents & responsiveness. This articles, as a part of cloud computing application, covers a fundamental step by step guide to run WordPress or other popular CMS on Microsoft’s new cloud platform …

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What is encrypted_search_terms ?

Are you often encountering encrypted_search_terms? Well, many of the bloggers and webmasters frequently come across this phrase when analyzing their blog/site’s analytics.

Facebook Profile's Network Reach Visualization

The number of applications to analyze your social media experience is increasing day by day. I am trying to find, experience, and analyze the social media outreach, so I will update this page on timely manner.

Lazy blogger, what should I blog on!

By nature I’m an active blogger but the word ‘active’ now only refers to moderating comments, replying the same and playing around with bots. However, few hundred users are always found to be coming to the blog for their purpose. The feed is also active rather.

Best plugins for your WordPress Blog

Times change. Ekendra’s blog was transformed from Blogger to WordPress platform roughly a year back. A detail study was conducted on which is the best blogging platform/ program to choose from. The ultimate answer is the award winning open source WordPress.

Print your blog as a book!

If you are a passionate blogger or a blogger with those quality posts articles (he hee don’t even if you have unreferenced and blogging for blog like posts), you might want to print your blog as a book.  Create Your Book! Blog to Print is powered by where you can print either conventional paper …

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