End of another blog/blogger, is it?

great-ending-endless-possibilities-ekendra's blogDue to unavoidable circumstances, we are not able to continue this blog, we are extremely sorry for our regular visitors, friends, and searchers, … the life can’t continue without a break. the end of an era, the end of a prospect, can’t continue without a broken agony and apathy and immoral, if you can’t change the world then don’t try to change it, rather don’t tune towards it, unless you’re THE FELLOW (and unlike me and mass people) don’t try to touch things they are already beautified in their natural form.

I’m redefining glory, that’s for not sure whether I would be writing for Ekendra’s blog anymore but the possibility still persist. I had read lots of stories about how blogs die and how does the blogger? I am not afraid to be one of them. This is a challenge. The challenge will be when I could jot down things well again. Again to revive the dead blog.

This is not an end of another blogger, but just a revival for the next betterment, I might come instant of relative time and go but I wish I could be here writing for all those search engine bots and spiders who read the reality that goes bitting. And have changed my focus, priorities and prospects, from a cup of tea or mochha to my once ever loved poetry and abstract stories if they would allow me to flow with hard works of VSAT and relatedness…

I would like to rename it as frustations from the cyber world, too many crooks and hooks. Just concepts and framed works but never done one complete, concepts no more sell from places like this. Amazingly to my farewell book I had to write : “Cheat on exams, you get marks; so don’t stay ideal lest you should suffer like mine” and what more.

In fact I hate computing further more, and will not be able to refurnish until I’m commanded by the eternal rights to do so. Mugs of capucchinno, rings of cakes, slices of pizzas, friday hindi movies, bros and friends, and all and them and then her and then myself… this all the same this…. though this is not a depression, I know this, a sort of medical student too huh.

Suppressions, regressions and again depressions.1Kbps net, and how can I survive on this rapid edge tech, another strong spoon of sugar to my coffee. Hope nextime I will be atleast 100times faster than this. I can’t wait for 23 minutes for my comment moderation page to load on Disqus.

I have learnt to shut my mouth where they punish for your thoughts and punish for going something real, yes REAL. This is not glorification thought, this is my self compassion.

I will revive, surely one day.

Have you seen anyone being off the stage of too early to die or live. Do it now, for one day I will be back again.

This article is just a peace of my mind, the exactness couldn't be predefined to words that mesmerize into thinking of why I was thinking. Thank you all for reading my blog.

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