Welcome to download section of LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network. In this page, you can find information on downloading LEACH protocol source code for your favorite simulator software application like NS-2, Matlab, C++ and OMNeT++ for your Thesis & Research Works.

What is LEACH Protocol?

LEACH, Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy, is an application-specific protocol architecture for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) widely adopted for various Sensor Network variations. It has become one of the most used bases for developing new architecture protocols or modifying the existing one in WSN. Learn more about LEACH protocol in our Sensor Network section at Understanding LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network

Download LEACH Protocol Source Code

Leach protocol was devised by Heinzelman and et. al in their work “An Application-Specific Protocol Architecture for Wireless Microsensor Networks.” The original authors have published and granted the right to use LEACH source code for academic and non-commercial research projects, Network Simulator NS-2 version of source code original link (now broken) http://www-mtl.mit.edu/research/icsystems/uamps/cadtools/.

From the page of original publishers:

LEACH: A Low-Energy Protocol Simulator for Wireless Networks. This simulator is an extension of the ns-2 simulator. It was originally developed by Wendi B. Heinzelman and is no longer being updated. The LEACH code is only compatible with ns-2.1b5.

W. Heinzelman, A. Chandrakasan, and H. Balakrishnan, “An Application-Specific Protocol Architecture for Wireless Microsensor Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol. 1, No. 4, October 2002, pp. 660-670.

Please, note that the source codes are available as-is without any warranty or liability of any kind thereafter. Use the LEACH Source Code at your own risk, ACADEMIC RESEARCH USE ONLY.

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LEACH Protocol Source Code for NS2

LEACH Protocol Source Code for Matlab

LEACH Protocol Source Code for C++ and OMNeT++

Download the entire Network Simulator directory with the MIT uAMPS extensions

Download the originally published paper on An Application-Specific Protocol Architecture for Wireless Microsensor Networks


LEACH Source Code in Matlab ie LEACH.m is hosted in a local server of this website, and can be provided upon request for your personal research use only. Password, provided, is required to open the files leach.m and parameters.m.

Leach source code NS2, Matlab, C++ and OMNeT++ are basically functioning on the same principal. So LEACH algorithm source code downloaded in a format or for one simulator above shall produce the same result with the others. The external download links might be broken as the project code are not being updated from the original authors, to request a local copy contact me.