Research Writing: ICT4E or ESD (Education for Sustainable Development)

This page is purposed to serve examples of better research problem formulation. For now here is research writing on implementing ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) or ICT4E (Information and Communications Technologies) in Higher Secondary Level Schools in Nepal.
Domain: ICT4E
Research Problem:
Addressing the challenges of implementing MOOC as a part of ICT4E/ESD in higher secondary school level (11, 12) (ESD: Education in Sustainable Development) (ICT4E: Information and Communication Technologies for Education) (MOOC: Massive Open Online Course)
Potential problems:

    1. School-side
      1. Studio vs classroom delivery
      2. Classroom harmony
      3. How is course going to be delivered online when it is designed for blackboard/classroom lecture style?
      4. Infrastructure (Internet, Streaming Camera and arrangement)
      5. Content delivery – how (streaming – live or recorded)
      6. Content engagement – how is a remote student going to ask questions and how is it going to be answered?
    1. Student-side
      1. Access mechanism – how is student going to access? Problems of Internet and content consuming device?
      2. Regularity in attendance
      3. Content engagement – test taking, interaction
    2. Recognition
      1. Is the mechanism going to be recognized by authorities (NEB)?
      2. How about the sustainability when MOOC is open and free?


  1. Infrastructure
  2. Training and digital literacy
  3. Sustainability issue


  1. What is the current state of infrastructure for implementing MOOC in higher secondary schools?
  2. What is the e-Readiness and digital competencies of high school level students and teachers?
  3. How can the sustainability issue of such initiatives be addressed?


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