Digital Electronics

Basic of Integrated Circuit Technology (ICT)

IC, Integrated Circuit, is a complete circuit manufactured as a single package. Integrated System is the process of making IC on single chip, also called as microcircuit system. ICs can be categorized in many types- according to manufacturing pattern, integrated component and their applications.

Digital Electronics EG677EX

Course Objectives: To study the properties and applications of integrated digital electronic devices 1.0 Bipolar Transistor Switching Characteristics (6 hours) 1.1 The Ebers-Moll equations 1.2 Depletion region charge and delay time 1.3 Base region charge and the succession of steady states model 1.4 Rise, storage and fall time calculations 2.0 MOS Transistor Switching Characteristics (6 …

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Electronic Circuits I EG572EX

COURSE OBJECTIVES To build on the material presented inSemi Conductor Devicesto include the fundamentals of analog integrated circuit (IC) operation. Particular attention will be directed toward understanding operational amplifier operation over the full useful frequency range. Regulated power supplies, power amplifiers and relaxation and sinusoidal oscillators will be discussed. 1.0 Integrated Circuit Technology and Device …

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