Electronic Circuits I EG572EX

To build on the material presented inSemi Conductor Devicesto include the fundamentals of analog integrated circuit (IC) operation. Particular attention will be directed toward understanding operational amplifier operation over the full useful frequency range. Regulated power supplies, power amplifiers and relaxation and sinusoidal oscillators will be discussed.

1.0 Integrated Circuit Technology and Device Models:(10 hours)
1.1 The planar process for integrated circuit fabrication
1.2 Review of dc and ac diode models
1.3 Review of dc and ac JFET models
1.4 Review of dc and ac bipolar transistor models
1.5 Review of dc and ac MOS transistor models
2.0 Operational Amplifier Circuits:(8 hours)
2.1 Bias circuits suitable for IC design
2.2 The widlar currant source
2.3 The differential amplifier
2.4 Active loads
2.5 Output stages
3.0 Operational Amplifier Characterization:(6 hours)
3.1 Input offset voltage
3.2 Input bias and input offset currents
3.3 Output impedance
3.4 Differential and common-mode input impedances
3.5 DC gain, bandwidth, gain-bandwidth product
3.6 Common-mode and power supply rejection ratios
3.7 Higher frequency poles, settling time
3.8 Slew rate
3.9 Noise in operational amplifier circuits
4.0 Power Supplies and Voltage Regulators:(6 hours)
4.1 Half-wave and full-wave rectifiers
4.2 Capacitive filtering
4.3 Zener diodes, bandgap voltage references, constant current diodes
4.4 Zener diode voltage regulators
4.5 Series transistor-zener diode voltage regulators
4.6 Series transistor-zener diode-constant current diode voltage regulators
4.7 Voltage regulators with feedback
4.8 IC voltage regulations
5.0 Untuned and Tuned Power Amplifiers:(7 hours)
5.1 Amplifier classification
5.2 Direct-coupled push-pull stages
5.3 Transformer-coupled push-pull stages
5.4 Tuned power amplifiers
5.5 Power dissipation considerations
6.0 Oscillator Circuits:(8 hours)
6.1 CMOS inverter relaxation oscillator
6.2 Operation amplifier based relaxation oscillators
6.3 Voltage-to-frequency converters
6.4 Sinusoidal oscillators
6.5 Conditions for oscillators
6.6 Amplitude and frequency stabilization
6.7 Swept frequency oscillators
6.8 Frequency synthesizers
6.9 Function generators
1.0 Study of a discrete component operational amplifier realization.
2.0 Commercial operational amplifier characterization.
3.0 Regulated power supplies
4.0 Power amplifiers
5.0 Relaxation oscillators
6.0 Sinusoidal oscillators
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