nation calls- redefining blogging concept by Sameer Gurung

the dude sameer gurung

Yes, I really value this approach of Sameer in his new blogosphere postings at sameer150. Sameer has been enthralled by new party lines to blog but still deficient behind in some of his outlandish posts. [Sameer’s original weblog is now a photoblog.]

After the muster of his personal website, I have been looking forth for his some of the best posts yet in the net. Sameer sometimes get incensed for nothing, enchanted for naught, excitement but for flatness in the free psychopathic world.

Anyway I like his poems though not well versed, besides his bike reviews and some of the personal guff shuff. Sameer need to redefine his keyword concept to his new 150 blog- it’s all hoax-coax. A little knowing of JavaScript and html chunk codes could do better for him.

My suggestion for Sameer- keep up the spirit high but let it be as colorful as you are. All the best folk!

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