By nature I’m an active blogger but the word ‘active’ now only refers to moderating comments, replying the same and playing around with bots. However, few hundred users are always found to be coming to the blog for their purpose. The feed is also active rather.

What should I blog on? Initially I opted the concept of ‘blog whatever you like’ some suggested that I should limit my theme to some specific topics, but that would be like changing the tag of this blog ‘Nearly Everything that I Latch on’.

Neither was I busy with Digital Signal Processing nor The 8052 microcontroller and Embedded Systems… but I was lost. The memory was with fever, headache and running nose. The characteristic of today’s me. I couldn’t find the perfectness in anything even in the emergency of Manipal Hospital nor with 100 number of the police.

Life’s strange. Those were the days when I used to be self acclaimed blogger, yes active blogger, blogging with tower posts and inundation of posts over posts. Things have changed by now. I’m a lazy blogger now. Sometimes I’m dead and the other time I’m not a blogger at all.

What should I blog about? No perfect answer could satisfy anybody.