What is encrypted_search_terms ?

Are you often encountering encrypted_search_terms? Well, many of the bloggers and webmasters frequently come across this phrase when analyzing their blog/site’s analytics.

When search engines, in the most general cases, are told to search for the keyword enquired, they return the result in the default connection property set – meaning if unsecured unencrypted connection is present the results are delivered in the same way. If you are using secure https and ssl encryption connection then all of your connection data is encrypted and so is with the search terms.
When search terms are processed with encrypted connection,and the result is shown; the webmaster sees nothing or no hint of the exact keywords referred to their website or blog in precise. Thus, analytics bot displays encrypted search terms.
I wonder if everything will be encrypted like this then webmasters will face a challenge of how organic referrals and keywords do their blogs get into. Hopefully encryption ain’t going that depth at least for now, what you say?

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