Create a shortcut of "Remove removable storage device safely" on your desktop

shortcut to removable device on desktop

You got an idle pen drive of tonnes of MB always empty- you got to utilize it, make your pen drive as an extra RAM.

This is surely going to help me a lot mainly by two pros. My Transcend JetFlash JF V10 8GB pen drive is my ReadyBoost device and my all-in-one backup storage device. And this is true I need it every time on-the-go and while before the high definition screen. So obviously Removing this device safely is going to torture me, if this post doesn’t imply.

Simply follow these very simple steps:

Nextime onward do not hassel yourself for removing safely your loving removable disk. This is a system 32 dll application and runs only on Windows Vista, Removes removable storage device safely.

More activities on removable disk:


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