UK suspends Nepali Student Visa applications- end of the era

Sad time starts here now with UK ending their visa approval to Nepali students along with Indian and Bangladeshi students. This is a temporary suspension due to a very high surge in applicants wanting to go to UK. So, how long should Nepali students wait before they could go to London for a job in a local Indian restaurant (a reality, if not most does) and few words in college deeds.

According to BBC’s website: in the last three months of last year, there were 13,500 applications from northern India alone, compared with 1,800 in the same period of 2008. British officials say the system has been overwhelmed and there is concern about how cases many are genuine.
Unscrupulous offers of visas as a way of settling in the UK are not uncommon. The British high commissioner in Delhi, Sir Richard Stagg, said abuse of the system would not be allowed to happen.
While extra checks take place, visa applications have been temporarily suspended – a decision which will be reviewed at the end of February.
Jeremy Oppenheim, of the UK Border Agency, said: “The points-based system gives us the flexibility to act to maintain the integrity of the visa system, whilst processing legitimate applications fairly, thoroughly and as quickly as possible.
“We continually check and monitor all student applications and education providers to ensure that they meet the required standards.
“We will take tough action against those who attempt to abuse the system.”
India is currently the UK’s biggest visa operation in the world.
More than 500,000 Indians visit the UK every year, among them tens of thousands of students.
Read @ BBC News – UK suspends Indian student visa applications

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