Start of 3rd Mass Revolution by Maoists

May 1st or the May Day was observed by Maoists, the then terrorists party of Nepal, as the start of 3rd Mass Revolution on their words. Maobadi are revolutionizing for their power.
The Maoist president Prachanda (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) wants a seat of Prime Minister, and demands the resignation of the present Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal- the person who was defeated in two place as a candidate in an constitution election.
All the newspapers publish in the country are graphically equipped with the red-color theme of the Labor day (May day). What signifies is that – the Maoist party wants their president Prachanda to be PM and nobody else from their party, whilst the present PM Nepal wants somebody else to be the PM for which he is willing to resign.
The political turmoil of Nepal is covered by Nepalis techno journalists as live blogging, live streams, and twittering. You can find the live streams from Kathmandu based media houses. Following are the glimpses of some of which.

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