सुन्सान देश अनि नागरिक सर्वोचता : NepalBandh – the way Maobadi wants

फेरी पनि नेपाल बन्द कस्तो मज्जा है!
माओवादीको नागरिक सर्वोचताको लागि नेपाल बन्ध रे!
नेपालबन्दको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना
बल्ल बन्द भयो, तैपनि अफिस जानैपर्ने है
बरु एक्-दुई महिनै बन्द गरे कसो होला
नाम नेपालबन्द अनि सडक सुन्सान तर मासुभात अनि रक्सिको साथ !

Tourists in Pokhara walks upto hotel from airport on Nepalbandh called by maobadi

Heard enough about New Nepal with nothing new except more corruption, more leaders, more taxation and more insurgency in the country. And here goes yet another Nepal Banda (and so this Nepal Series in blog). But Maobadi said this is not Nepal Banda, this is आम-हड्ताल ~ नागरिक सर्वोचता (really, does it mean Citizen Supremacy or their Supremacy??)

Just woke up early this morning to hear the pin drop silent whilst otherwise college student would have been loudspeaker(ing) their mobile phone with the latest Hindi songs and ignoring the disturbances done to other walkers on the early dawn. This is just an example to show off my early morning. But wow or alas, today is bandha, yes Nepal bandha, or strike or whatever people call.

Above are few phrases/ sentences spoken by people of various occupation and age regarding Nepal Bandha, just captured and wrote in here to define Nepal Bandha. What if SLC students are asked define Nepal Bandha and explain the benefits of Nepal Bandha to the country and people? This might be another probable question to be asked in Social Studies. (Might be, who knows anyway…)

सुन्सान देश अनि नागरिक सर्वोचता : Naya Nepal got its fate in a way or the other. There is most probability of New Constitution not being written. The political instability is ruining the country in every sector, the development is nulled. There is no any form of tangible Government and this is a big boon of the Jana Andolan (Revolution as they call).

Tourists walking in Lakeside, Pokhara during the first day of a 3-day Nepal Bandh called by Maoists in Nepal

Roads are in PIN dropped silence state, even tho’ they could never suffice of those big craters in ’em (huh, am I on story of Nepalese roads or somewhere lost?), people are surviving somehow, even tho’ there is nothing meant by the country side to them. Trying hard to survive so called Nepalese Life.

Supremacy- I don’t even want to know what does this hold for mass people. Every day Nepalese are getting harder life and on that those leaders/netas aliased corrupticians are selling our country Nepal in one or the other way.

I will be updating this article through out the strike days, most probably some of the real pics seen on streets.

Sadhai janatako choro matra kina ladai ma parchha huh? Yo pani yestai ho ki, this guy was taken to Kathmandu in an Army's helicopter after breaking his both legs today

Long Live NepalBandh, ha ha

These pictures of Nepal bandh were shot by photojournalist Rajesh, for this blog.

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  1. New Nepal, ha ha ha, Due to political conspiracy it is still worse. I think Kingdom was the best atleast somebody was controlling, but now nobody controls. Political leaders are riding in German brands and traveeling to EU and USA and inhaling fresh O2 gas and poor people cant go even out of their city and have to inhale poisonos gas of tyres and polluted air. People should be aware and throw out all political leaders as this will be never ending story. It will divide the country into pieces and lead the country to civil war

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