Why ME? Why NOT me? 99 traits to talk about…

Just to list out 99 traits that been hunting, poisoning and occupying for ever and ever… don’t get the fantasies over, don’t even think about each twice, it’s a dynamic shade:

  • apathy unlimited, broken beak, lost mentality, Obama dreams, baby care, transparent tea, bygone days, lost career, desirous marvels, unsuccessful domains, blue bluehost, talked thinkings, corrupticians, penniless gourmet, skyrocketing themes, charmed wordpress, the same blogger, falsified friendliness, wordless posts, blocked pages,
  • meaningless analysis, inaccessible bandwidth, uncontrollable frustrations, unscheduled to-do lists, facebook fantasies, the same old sonata, thought about live, dead google, humdrum affairs, whatever netizens, flawless encounters, barbarian rule, magnitude scaling, political instability, silver lining kudos, buffering shadows, childhood cowboy times, poisoning hearts, unfaithful relations, namesake constitution, vampire politicians, lightening hearts, mistaken red roses,
  • lost faith, ignorant bliss, chilly momo, sweet love, loadshedding, chicken lover, unwanted back hearings, traits for traits, unscheduled timings, net lover death, craps of Pokhara, suffocating nationality, go as it comes seniors, narrow mindedness, baleful unlucky, born in wrong time, supportless support, loved nightmares, unlimited fantasies,
  • welcomed migraine, networkless signals, running noses, charge coupled devices, he and she, they and me, blissfully happy gals, dumb Himalayas, shadowy fewa, hills of wastages, afraiding beri beri, workless people, punctured tires, broken glasses, happy-go hands, unshredded  kisses, tones of falsified axioms, worthless scrabbling, sucked orange pills, biased educators, shameless businesses, petrol queuing, water-richen shortage, mouthed leaders, confused citizens,
  • earned bucks, feared career, indecisive phrenal cortex, virulent eyes, thoughts for bots, revitalization, unhealed wounds, penalized rewards, khusi for life, never obtained marks, careless beauty, to be stable drain

Need for omitting anything that describes development—coz haven’t seen what it’s like or what is development- never used to happen in our lands, in Nepal.

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