The Only Difference between Happie New Year 2009 and 2066

Its an intention. Its a personal blog. And again a personal wish. I would like to pronounce my best wishes for all my friends, blog addicts, wanna show-buzzers, lunatic, frantic and everyone out there on this New Year 2009 and the holiday. Christmas is over, pushe pandhram is just off. And Happie New Year will roll out in hours.

Colors of joy- blue. It’s blue and blue everywhere. Charm is just on. Another new year is here. Resolutions are made with no exceptions like before. Shorter are the sentences like pathetic feelings towards the ammine sense of how Nepalese life is possible. MBPS speeds, quality control mechanism, law enforcement, hectic dailies and a lot but the netas. This is a Nepali feeling, waits but never stops, for nothing, for virtually no possible future.

Let’s come to the topic- the only difference between Happie New Year 2009 and 2066. Apart from being on a personal words- Happy is just for Happy people and the Happy moment. should we be Happie with Happie words. 2066 will surely be atleast on some new propoganda rather than on this 2065. I am pointing toward the future of the World’s most poorest country- Nepal. Nothing could be heard of the new year bikram sambat 2065. We are the trend setters, 2009 dominates the world of recession. Will it be safe to save our netas that only the global recession is responsible for 12-hours-a-day loadshedding in the country of the world’s richest water resource country.

Presuming the new year wishes will boon me out, could it be safe to right turn on writing something like NAYA BARSHA 2009 KO HARDIK SUBHAKAMANA. Whatever be the crossroads for, a Nepali like me is obviously on the century-back puzzle. There is no solution.

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