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Win a free trip to this country* : Simply answer these 10 questions, There is ONLY one country in the world where events as listed (below) occur as told to me by my phrenal cortex. Name this country (if it is?).

A beautiful picture of the Fishtail range (himalayas) from Pokhara in Nepal
A beautiful picture of the Fishtail range (himalayas) from Pokhara in Nepal
  1. Where if your car gets somebody (most probably a drunkard) down, the highway and roads are blocked at least for 2 days? The supporter of drinking must be praised in here.
  2. Where the road gets off to off road within 7 days of pitching it? (I don’t know just putting coal tar in a graveled roads is termed as pitched road.)
  3. In which you can do bandh (strike or closing) whenever and for whatever reason you desire? (Simply it’s your choice)
  4. Where there is said to be democracy out BUT you don’t have liberty of speech and life style? (Will I be wrong if I like the Royal Family?)
  5. Where building blocks on fertile land and damping domestic products for importing foreign stuff (even a needle) is considered development? (This is self proven axiom of the most of the 3rd world country, hay hay I gave you another clue, na!)
  6. In which you can’t ask somebody (most probably celebs or you better guess) ‘Do you sleep with your wife?’ being a press reporter? (I agree some pressman and photojournalists are too much on their anchorage, this should be now of NO topic or the bread roll.)
  7. Where ministers and MPs don’t go to their districts rather they spend days attending seminars on importing new hybrid potato seeds in a star hotel and commenting in the present political scenario with respect to THE POTATO species. (The comments must probably be of another contemporary leader be it of the same party or the other.)
  8. Where there is a written law and order but law makers force people not to follow it? (I think this one is a question NOT only for this country… most of the developing countries love it.)
  9. People boost than do? You can claim yourself THE ULTIMATE NUMBER # 1. (Few example: This is the BEST and #1 facial product of the NATION. The most listened and read MEDIA HOUSE. The most visited PORTAL of the kind. I wonder I’m not easy going with my claim of Ekendra’s Blog is the BEST BLOG of its kind in the WHOLE country and I’m the BEST Blogger in here. Any objections? I don’t care because here is not an asterisk to my product, oops! my words.)
  10. Where no such thing called INTERNAL TOURISTS occur? You are not allowed to ride on a tourists coach simply because you are an inter-country traveler and with no POWER. (Power, I like to define as, is the reachability of rich and haves group of this country- I haven’t visited any other country yet.)

A bonus Q : Where your next friend or a relative prepares pitfalls for you if you begin to have improvements in your life either socially or economically? I strongly argue, please don’t open another Boarding School (Pvt Ltd) in your tole for your neighbors might not sleep nights for making a PLAN. (It’s shocking huh!)

Disclaimer: *I don’t know if this (entity) is really a country. It’s really underway. If you’re the dirtizen (oops! another wrongly spelled word, don’t worry this includes me too), you sure are going to make a trip!

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