Getting Started with the First Anniversary

Finally, exactly after the 365 days of my blogging with :: Share World Blog of Ekendra ::, I have decided to re-birth this share blog entitled “..everything that I latch on”. The display is the same but he theme gets changed so that I could post about anything, yes this is what I meant by real blogging, blogging for spirit.
In this one year of this initially perceived to be a personal page share blog, has successfully attracted more than 4000 visitors across the 80 countries. And thanks for search engines, especially Google for providing enough visitors for a weblog like this. I am now more intended to post even more responsive, always wanted to read type posts, and whatever stuck me with, hence the name …everything that I latch on.
Stuff review will be continued by a +1. Animated graphics are intended. More works on the sidebar are to be made. Blog link exchange for anyone with written consent will be approved, gmail me this.
If you want to re-print posts from this blog or articles written by Ekendra Lamsal, please cite the necessary link with the work and any written prior info will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you for giving your generous visit to Ekendra’s blog, please visit again another day.

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