SLC Exam Result 2070-2071 Updates

SLC Result 2070/2071 to be published this Saturday Jestha 31, 2071; how to get the result faster.

SLC RESULT 2070/2071 KATHMANDU: The SLC Exam of 2070 which was held from 6 to 15 Chaitra 2070 is expecting its result in less than 90 days. The result of SLC Exam 2070/2071 is most likely to be published this within Jestha, probably the end ie Saturday Jestha 31, 2071 – the end of Jestha.

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SLC Exam Result 2070-2071 Updates
SLC Exam Result 2070-2071 Updates

SLC Result 2070/2071

According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) Sanothimi Bhaktapur, the SLC 2070 result’s marksheet ledger is already prepared. All that remain before announcing the result is tabulation of serial numbers according to their SLC marks obtained into distinction, first, second and third division. The OCE has announced that they have been doing their best to omit errors – maybe they are trying to address past issues where students had taken bad steps because of result publication errors – both typos, and human errors.

Examination controller Mr Bishnu Bahadur Dware has said the speed of work in order for early publishing of SLC results of 2070 is so much fast and appreciable. According to him, grace marks of 5 number is added in the SLC Exam result 2070 / 2071.

Once again, for the SLC exam of 2070/2071, total participants were 5 lakh, 66 thousands and eighty-five. Of those, 1 lakh, 46 thousand and seven hundred thirty three are exempted.

How to get SLC Result 2070/2071 Faster

Technology has fully replaced cumbersome traditional works, with the best example of publishing entire SLC results digitally, that’s right OCE will no longer publish SLC results in newspaper. Hence, digital service providers, a couple of ways we got as usual like SMS, IVR & Website, shall fulfill the demand of more than 5 lakh SLC students this year.

Advertised by OCE, here are some ways to get SLC results directly into your mobile phone by SMS or by calling a dedicated telephone line (IVR) or browsing websites for SLC Results (most probably along with the SLC Marksheet.) We refer here “faster” believing these are the dedicated lines/service – unlike poor performance we had experience earlier year.

Do note that there are no any websites like,, which publish SLC’s result officially. Some of the students are also searching for SLC Result in YouTube (isn’t that too foolish?). Main thing is once SLC Result is published by OCE, the database of the result is available in the Internet freely (by one or the other means!)

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SLC Result 2070 with Marksheet: Web

SLC Result 2070 will be published officially in the following websites. If any other websites publish, the results it is NOT endorsed or authorized by OCE. In these websites, SLC results along with mark sheet can be viewed. Cost “Free” of course, Internet is all you should have.

  • प्राप्ताङ्कसहित नतिजा थाहा पाउन (SLC Result with Marksheet): Website of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Office of the Controller of Examination (OCE): official SLC Result website:
  • प्राप्ताङ्कसहित नतिजा थाहा पाउन (SLC Result with Marksheet): SLC Results Website of Nepal Telecom,
    SLC Results from SLC.NTC.NET.NP (Nepal Telecom SLC Results Page) Instructions
    Open the Webpage ie
    Type your symbol number (Example :- 20013824) in the input box above and click submit
    Your result will appear on the screen
  • नतिजामात्र थाहा पाउन (SLC Result ONLY): Website of the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal,
  • नतिजामात्र थाहा पाउन (SLC Result ONLY):Website of the Department of Education, Government of Nepal,

SLC Result 2070 Results ONLY: IVR

SLC Result 2069 can be listened via IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) service provided by Nepal Telecom. Cost per 10 second

IVR System (From landline PSTN and CDMA phones)
Dial 1600and follow the instructions

SLC Result 2070 Results ONLY: SMS

SLC Results Coming Soon: Sparrow SMS
SLC Results Coming Soon: Sparrow SMS

SLC Result 2070 can be obtained via SMS via use of following authorized VAS SMS Service providers in Nepal. Cost variable fixed by individual SMS service providers from Rs 2 to Rs 5 per SMS Command

  • Nepal Telecom (NTC SMS for SLC Results) 1400
    एसएमएसबाट नतिजा
    Type slc<space><symbolNumber> and send sms to 1400
    Example :- Type SLC  0123456A and send it to 1400
  • Janaki Technology “Sparrow SMS” 5001
    Type SLC<space><Your-Symbol-No.> & send SMS to 5001.
    Example: SLC 0123456A & send SMS to 5001.
  • APCA Nepal (Himalayan Times/Annapurna Post) 2722
  • FocusOne (F1) 5566
  • Miracle Infocom 2333
  • Ezee Service 4949
  • एसएमएसबाट नतिजा पाउन सकिने (लाइभसेल) – LiveCell TeleTek 5225
    SMS Text Send Message  SLC <space> तपाईँको सिम्बोल नम्बर टाइप गरेर ५२२५ मा पठाउनु पर्नेछ। उदाहरणका लागि SLC 0123456A टाइप गरेर ५२२५ मा पठाउनु पर्नेछ। २४ सै घण्टा खुला रहने यो सेवाका लागि नतिजा प्रकाशन हुनुअगावै रजिस्ट्रेसन गर्न सकिने लाइभसेलले जनाएको छ। यो सेवा प्रयोग गर्दा सरकारी करबाहेक पाँच रुपैयाँ शुल्क लाग्ने छ।


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