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AIT celebrated its 115th Graduation Ceremony today May 26th, 2011 (live broadcasted on: ). Total 428 Graduates from 24 countries of 4 continents graduated from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with big smiles on their faces and overwhelming energy. Congratulations to all my graduating seniors in this very day.

Congratulations to AIT Graduates
Congratulations to AIT Graduates

The graduation ceremony has something to bring charm to every graduates, plus relatives, juniors and all persons concerned. And it feels good to be either part of graduation or watch them jump over for half-shutter photography. The whole perspective is to bring the road ahead in life more professional, self-confidence and motivation to do something as a learned, intellectual human.
The President, Professors, Guests focused on Global challenges, Economic realities, Collaboration, Issues of realities and relevance, lifelong learning,  Taking Risks and experimenting life, Green Economy and Sustainable Development, Resource Management, Social Inclusion and things as such to empower the work force just graduated from the AIT.
The two Most Outstanding Students, Mr Bikendra Shamsher Thapa from the School of Management (SOM) and Mr Nuwan Suresh Ferdinand from the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) delivered the speech on behalf of those 428 AIT graduates.

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