Fear of being without or loosing a mobile phone - Nomophobia

Fear to live without your mobile phone? You are nomophobic

Fear of being without or loosing a mobile phone - Nomophobia
Fear of being without or loosing a mobile phone - Nomophobia

Many of us have encountered this situation – you tend to ensure whether there is (still) a mobile phone in your pocket and you never try to forget your favorite mobile device when going out. Even just outside your room. Nomophobia is a new term coined for a fear of being without your mobile device – a recent study by SecurEnvoy shows. Literally, nomophobia is a term derived from nomobile-phone phobia. In deed, many of us are now addicted to using mobile phones and tablets that are getting smarter day by day; so the number of nomophobic technophiles is believed to be increasing.

The more of the findings goes:

“More women worry about losing their phones than men – 70% of the women surveyed compared to 61% of the men, yet it is men that are more likely to have two phones – scoring 47% and 36% respectively, perhaps in an effort to stay connected.
When split by age, it is the younger age group (18 – 24) that are more nomophobic at 77%, with the 25 – 34 age group second at 68%. Perhaps a little more surprisingly is that third most nomophobic are the 55 and overs!

The fear, Nomophobia, ranges from worrying if your mobile phone is lost, or are you missing some important phone calls, or is there an emergency-to-repond text message by your loved ones,  or whatever possession you define for your dear mobile phone. People suffering from this Nomophobia will be always busy working with their mobile phones without any valid reasons. Indianist has published a detail article about mobile phone disease – symptions of nomophobia, cure for it, and associated risk.

Textaphrenia, like Nomophobia, is thinking you’ve heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message. Tech terms come in by time and usage.

So, are you nomophobic? share your experience which techno phobic are you?

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