Weird USB Gadgets – Sensed or Nonsense

USBNo sooner than 2001 was USB 2.0 finalized and ready to hit the world markets for the speed of 480Mbits/second till the latest phase, never wondering what the developing show case for USB 3.0 or Wireless USB has gone so far. Some of the weird and offbeat USB devices or gadgets are briefed here.

The funda behind every USB Gadgets that are used rather than any PC Peripherals see the application of utilizing power supply from the Hi-Speed USB Bus or port from the computer, or there might be one using external power supply but that doesn’t sense much huh!

USB Noodle Strainer

USB NOODLE STRAINERListed as an Offbeat USB Gadget at, this USB Noodle Strainer is a Weird Japanese Idea of how to utilize USB in cookwares . Preparing soumen with this “USB cookware” is quite a unique experience. Simply add cold or iced water to the oval-shaped plastic bowl, connect this strainer to a USB port, and the machine will create a water flow. Next, place the pre-cooked noodles into the water channel, and they will be carried along with the circulation of the water.

USB Ashtray

USB ASHTRAYAnother of the mesmerizing, might not be to that level, the USB Ashtray is a simple one at a glance. This easy tool can cut down smoke and odors via nicotine; it also monitors one’s smoking habit and predicts when he/she will die of lung cancer.

Weird, never got chance to handle one but sure to read the names, these are some really Weird USB Gadgets:

  • USB Ghost Radar

  • USB Heating Seat Pad

  • USB Noodle Strainer

  • USB Humidifier

  • USB Vacuum Cleaner

  • USB Light – Boynq Dlight

  • USB Mini Lava Lamp

  • Kensington Flylight 3.0

  • USB Air Purifier

  • USB Pulsing X-Mas Tree

  • USB Massage Ball

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