A brain box stupidity I- bird's eye view why back bitting?

A brain box stupidity part – I
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Mistrued are solutions falsified. Believe truth is stronger than the fiction. But who in present day predicament is going to find himself what is behind the other side of the moon if he is already acknowledged about.
Over the ages and ages, aces of flumes that have grown like hovercraft flies in the early summer evening grooves, I’ve been witnessing the vicious appraisals as a sinking heart. I encounter those words for a red letter tears, are you be with me?
A 4-gays’ herd rumoring their jealousy and giving their typicality of being f**ked off, might be they are true of themselves. However, expounding proportions of non-metro mixtures are easily achromatized. Only thing left with me, stay and watch how you’re being played with. Nothing is going to hurt an ached heart. Guys who keep on barking thru their loud speakers in my backdoors are purely happy now atleast for they making my news with a lady. Who cares sounds from empty vessels anyway? I am popular, I’m ultimate, I’m the hero. Yes, I am the hero in the story of villians. I am the one to hit ears of every single scorpions these days.
Resistance is intentional but falsified solutions don’t give me two pieces of ear plugs nor bless me with my absence itself. I can’t make my denial of being so close to something that is not favorable to me nor that can be with me for my whole life. It’s a journey, a journey with rare oasis in the icy desearts of my dreamland and the ultimate Amarshian existence.
Let people be people. Common humdrum be breaking news for few more years to come. Pundits of so-called truth be contrary to poor church mice. Change is not always favorable and for no good reasons I prove myself of being loved by my world, my world of fantastic fictional truth and velum palette kissed peanuts. I can do nothing. I can be a living statue, a dead alive, a fantatical orthodoxy and a sense of being Amarsh.
There are limitations over how you express when you beleive you’re no longer an ordinary you. And I’ve proven facts of so-called truth false and the reverse. QED. Awaiting another part somedays later, keep on…. reading ekendra’s blog, ekendra’s heart and emotions.

I admit this is my best blog posting ever in my life and is purely intentional, written with full control and emotions that a human, a boy, thought ostracized, could have in left cerebral domain at the age of 22. This post is sure to make a good investment in my history, history of career, history of friendship and all that the journey of life has to count on.
May 2, 2007 Wednesday 2200 NST
Good Day folks!

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