Top 10 most popular apps for Microsoft Surface Tab

Fresh Paint Window 8 App
Windows 8 Store logo
Windows 8 Store logo

Now that the new OS Windows 8 finally in the town, and you must have already been delivered your much awaited Surface tab from Microsoft. Right now, Surface RT is out, and you will need to wait a couple of month for Surface with Win 8 Pro. No matter which Surface tablet you will have, lets explore the top 10 most popular apps for Microsoft Surface downloaded from Windows Store.

These are not only 10 most popular but also must have apps for Surface Tab. Let’s explore them. Continue reading

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Comparing Microsoft Surface Tablet vs Apple iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Image of New Microsoft Surface Tablet RT and Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has just released preliminary information regarding their Surface tablet which is supposed to be “Windows 8 having its own hardware device” as pointed by Steve Ballmer in the recent Microsoft’s announcement.

Two different variations of Microsoft Surface Tablets namely Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro based on the OS have submerged. However, no information regarding the prices and release dates is made yet. In this article, we compare this must shared Surface tablet with iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Image of New Microsoft Surface Tablet RT and Windows 8 Pro
Image of New Microsoft Surface Tablet RT and Windows 8 Pro

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How to install Cygwin in Windows7 64x and run Linux applications inside Windows

Cygwin Running NS3 in Windows 7Cygwin is a development environment similar to Unix one and has command-line interface to work like in Linux but inside the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Cygwin eliminates the overhead of installing an entire Linux OS for running certain applications. There is a native integration of Windows-based applications and softwares to work in Linux or Unix like environment, thus it is not necessary to install Linux only to fun your simulating program. Wine, WINdows Emulator, on the other hand is just the reverse application to Cygwin – Wine allows us to run applications developed primarily for Windows OS in other operating systems, say Mac OS or Linux.

In order to run or install native Linux or Unix based simulators like NS2 or NS3 (Network Simulators) and OMNeT++ (not a native though) in Windows (without installing Linux), you will need Cygwin. Read Tutorial: How to install ns-3 in Windows 7 using Cygwin by Jason.

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10 Reasons why I like Windows Phone

Windows Phone- codenamed Mango
Windows Phone- codenamed Mango

Can’t believe I was looking around Windows Phones (WP7 rite, as of now, but wish WP8 comes soon) in Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, & Sony combined stores today (June 12th) in Bangkok stores. I was amazed that the store’s salesperson said they sell WP phones only in their main office, after understanding my question on WP7 with a great difficulty. Is this what WP is being ignored now and then? I just read articles about “US stores ignoring Windows Phones” and I wanted to give try why the world is ignoring Windows Phones. Continue reading

Windows 7 discovered with hundreds of errors – Who says Windows 7 is the best?

Being an early adapters of Windows Vista (the most power hungry OS from MS), I continued the trend with Windows 7. It was superb OS before few months ago it was still a public release for evaluation. No hangs, no exceptions and no dunked performance that it’s earlier predecessors were accustomed to. Alas, Microsoft has to pay for Win7.Windows 7 Logo

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Google Chrome is a no Exception to errors and CPU hungry

click to zoom in: snap-error-in-google-chrome Like Firefox, Google Chrome (a decent Windows Internet Explorer based browser) has been showing problems since it was left up off from the beta tag last time. My personal experience with Google Chrome and it’s simple interface and light memory consumption was fantastic until recently I came to discover that Chrome is eating out all of my CPU power. This problem persisted when I browsed more tabs in a single window. (Click the screenshots (snap-error-in-google-chrome.JPG) to view details showing Errors in Google Chrome.)

Internet connectivity was fine, more tabs were browsed simultaneously and later I came to discover that errors in Google Chrome are as no exception. It says: Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, press Reload or go to another page. Is Google going to pay me reload the same data?


This screenshot (google-chrome-consuming-cpu-power.JPG) shows each tab of Google Chrome is consuming not less than 17 MB of Memory (private working set) @ C:\Users\Jen\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\\Installer\chrome\Chrome-bin making the CPU Usage 100% (2×2 GHz)though the Physical Memory is mere 62%.

I tried to find the solution at the official site of Google Chrome but failed to so so. Like fasterfox for loading Firefox faster and working on its prefetch and memory for efficient use of the browser, chrome needs some like when you’re running on more active tabs.

Not that late I came to solve a problem showing error of something went wrong…. just refreshed the page after switching off the Wireless Button ie disconnecting from Internet, it worked- the page was displayed correctly but not all pages. This should be solved by Google as Chrome is hitting market like nothing else like.

Link to Google Chrome support:

A similar Google Chrome based earlier post from this blog: Just uninstalled Google Chrome, the other way.