I thought I knew, But Everything has the Logic !

I thought I know this subject matter but.. alas! the world is a different scenario now. All areas are of human interest, none of them are left untouched. For an instance, I thought I knew the difference between hardware and software, I thought I knew the logic behind the Ohm’s law formula, I thought I knew the difference between Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Ad-hoc Networks. And only today, I happened to realize that “research” is the devil, encraving every fields even narrower and narrower, while the broad vision of anything would be falsified.

Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein
Logic for Logic – Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein
I tweeted just at initiation of this article: “You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year.” Henry Ford. This is going to be true for all forms of “School” in our lives.

Never did I realized:

I just tweeted enough about IPv6 day last Wednesday (June 8th) but never did realize which site is permanently operating in IPv6 based routing. Lesson learnt, go into deep. But, sadly or happily there is no depth for anything.

Have you ever realized when there is a logic behind why 1 (one) is 1 and why there is I not the C in the Ohm’s Current Law (V = IR), indeed I’m wrong, I was wrong, or did I learnt wrong or was it my teacher? Another thing is 802.xx can be modelled for wireless technology when xx = 11 and when xx values to 03, it is ethernet – and oh, yes, the interesting thing here is the gate, XOR Gate, a software switch which can be programmed. And now, isn’t it possible to have wireless and Ethernet for each different instant of the switching positions?

Yet, another lesson learnt. What is the main difference between Windows and Linux? Omg, I thought I am an advanced user in computing, alas! I never thought the exact “Computing” way. And now, I know it is scalability which gives Linux a survival – compile your kernel whenever you want it.

Lesson learnt about Mathematics in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), yes they can be correlated. Try this: You were photocopying a paper. But mistakenly you titled your paper to be photocopied so you got the tilted photocopied paper as an outcome. Find the Fourier Transform of this tilted photocopied paper (outcome) – and I could have never learnt this. But now, I can even imagine deeper than this and relating Mathematics with real life modeling and simulation.

Security providing is very tough. Encryption is just a system, something we do. I generally put a digital signature on my pdf files which is just encryption, but the document and the content is still visible, and this can be copied/typed by looking at or the other way, so no security is involved in this case. However, you can digitized your viewing eyes if you want to argue with me on this matter.

Everthing has logic, indeed. He is Mr Shirshu Varma, an Associate Professor, from Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad, India, who envisage things in quite a different way, atleast to me, and atleast to other 15 persons who are attending his special lecture on Sensor Networks in AIT Telecom department this weekend.

I shall publish few core concepts about Sensor Networks and Prof. Varma’s slide shows in my website (ekendraonline.com) soon. At the end here is a funny picture about difference in conventional logic and religious logic, img from http://lolgod.blogspot.com/2008/11/conventional-logic-vs-religious-logic.html

difference in conventional logic and religious logic
difference in conventional logic and religious logic

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  3. “All I know is that I know nothing” – Socrates. I have seen many like you trying to be logical and smart. But there is one big flaw. Here is an example that illustrate that your logical reasoning is false. Einstein did not accept the prevailing truth that time was a constant. He didn’t accept it and therefore he got his break through with the theory of relativity. All logic reasoning had prior to this accepted it as a hard fact (100 % true). What a big mistake. Maybe you should be more critical to your own critical thinking. If Einstein did not have the mental capacity to explain his theory his claims had been shot down by “know it all” like yourself. And as a result we had been living in a different world. As Donald Rumsfeldt stated: “There are things we do not know that we do not know”. Get it?
    To prove a thing you have to prove it or disprove it. That is the law of logical reasoning that is the yin and yang of science.
    The scientist themselves use the religious logic method when they claim that the universe was created by the “big bang”. Can they prove it? – No, can I disprove it? No!
    All I know is that i know nothing – Socrates

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