How to link a Brain to a Machine?


Movies, commonplace where we have seen technology in action which even still don’t exist, are real world inspiration for technology growth. We have seen in high defs, usually an antagonist imagines or simply thinks about a piece of technology that would let him control the whole chunk of mass destruction apparatus. Controlling machine by thinking is possible now, maybe since long, and the logical reasoning behind it is so proof worthy; credos to our super hero scientists.

By transforming thought into action, a brain-machine interface could let people control devices (specially targeted for differently able ones to control devices like wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and even computers.) It is possible to envision truly remarkable things, like brain implants that would allow people to augment their senor, motor, and cognitive abilities. ~ Jose M Carmena, IEEE Spectrum

Here is a visual infographics from “Becoming Bionic” published originally in 2012 March edition of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, and let’s you know how to connect or link up your brain to a machine.

Brain to machine interface - How to Control a Prosthesis With Your Mind
Brain to machine interface – How to Control a Prosthesis With Your Mind (click to zoom in)

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  1. Maybel says

    Everything is possible in Today’s techno world! 🙂

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