Swine Flu Finally Hits Nepal- Official Announcement

Nepal is no longer exception to the global pandemic Swine flu. This is the first Swine Flu case identified in Nepal. Today the Government of Nepal announced that three persons who landed in Kathmandu recently have been detected with Swine Flu virus H1N1.

These people are supposed to be Non-resident Nepalese (NRN) from USA. They have been transited to Doha before coming to Nepal on June 21, 2009. The three H1N1 infected NRNs are currently undergoing treatment in Kathmandu. They are aged 42, 38 and 8 years, but their identities have not been disclosed.

The Avian Influenza Control Project is handling Swine Flu under the Epidemiology and Disease Control Unit (EDCU) has been working on this pandemic. The Project said one of the infected persons has already come into contact with more than a hundred persons and that health officials are studying whether the virus has spread to others.

The three persons were tested positive in a lab test conducted in Britain. The authorities had sent their blood samples for test after they were suspected of having the deadly flu.

First detected in Mexico in early May, the Swine Flu pandemic has so far claimed 250 lives and has spread to over 113 countries. According to the WHO, Swine Flu was declared as pandemic after it’s global outbreak few months earlier.

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Source: USNepal.com- http://usnepal.com/news/nepal/swine-flu-finally-hits-nepal.html

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