Operation Day Pogo: Nepal

It’s a good news. Operation Day Pogo in Nepal, at least in one department. The department is again related to LABORERS – Nepalese laborers who go to employment in foreign (Nepal govt hasn’t well marked the line between white color job and the rest or many; hence all are laborers – the stamina ones!)

Impressive! Nepal Government Office practices:

Operation Day Pogo Nepal Government Office
Operation Day Pogo Nepal Government Office
  • Operation Day Pogo
  • Office hours 7am to 8pm
  • Rapid Action Task Force (Yet another name for …)
  • One Man Set Clearance
  • Setting Breaker

The hidden open intention (?) behind this operation is the rapid generation of revenue from the poor Nepalese who go for labor work in the foreign and pay a lofty amount for even a small formal work; however, lets not forget the help people get (so it’s a necessary evil, for now!)
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