Nobel Prize for Nepalese Traitor – Girija ? what's happening in Nepal?

It is not a joke that the non-starter pro-Indian Council of Nepalese ministry decided to nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize, Girija, who is one of the culprit leaders of the Nepali Congress.

Everybody knows Girija is one of the traitors in Nepal. Bishal Shah, a scholar, says from UNN, USA – ‘It is unfortunate that the Government of Nepal under Madhav Kumar Nepal decided to forward GP Koirala’s name for the Nobel Peace Award. We had a different plan that is sending someone’s name from the people’s side during the Convention in New York. Anyway, our efforts will not be blocked by this stupid decision of MAKUNE government to reward the First Terrorist of Nepal. GPK is the first terrorist as per the International Law because any hijackers are considered to be the terrorist.’

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Girija Prasad


In 1991, Girija Prasad Koirala became the Prime Minister. After becoming the premier, Koirala Congressionalized the nation’s administrative management and introduced several plans and pilfered state coffers. From 1991 until 1994, Koirala sold 12 organizations and industries contributed by China, taking millions in commission. He drained the nation’s economy through the Boeing, Damija and Lauda scams in the name of suppressing communists – the suppression impelled the Maoist revolution.

It became a habit of Koirala to support the King when he retains the post and opposes the King after being removed from the post. Koirala who became Prime Minister every now and then through many conspiracies became PM once again after 2005 by treading on the Constitution and riding on Maoist shoulders. We had believed he would not repeat the past mistakes while working.

No one can succeed by breaking agreements. On 24 April, 2006, the people’s uprising came to a stop after an agreement was reached between the monarchy, NC and UML and Maoists. The agitators were pleading for monarchy as an alternative force in times of crisis. An agreement was reached to reinstate the House of Representatives, which was dissolved under NC recommendation four years before, although the monarch did not posses the right to reinstate it.

The monarch reinstated the parliament and appointed Girija Prasad Koirala to the post of premier. The oath of office ceremony of Prime Minister was given by the king himself in the royal palace premises. Gradually, the agreement reached with the king was broken and the royal institution attacked, which is a work of huge betrayal. A political agreement 24 April, 2006 – a political betrayal. Once he controlled state power, Koirala declared secularism and a republic to destroy Nepal’s identity. Traitors never become positive.

A well-known journalist, the editor of Peoples Review, Mr. Puspha Raj Pradhan writes – ‘Nepal government has recommended Girija’s name for the Nobel Prize, perhaps considering his contribution in destroying democracy and reaching the country to the present vulnerable stage. Rampant corruption and commission like enemies of democracy were intensified during his tenure.’ Now, his characterless daughter Sujata Koirala (Jost) – a German citizen – who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister, not by election, but by arrangement with her father, is bargaining for her father’s Nobel Prize in the Nepalese Embassies and international posts.

Girija Prasad Koirala, the leader of Nepali Congress, has never been true and honest towards democracy. They only made democracy as a begging bowl for their convenience. It is a matter of regret that Girija has been toeing the line on the agenda and guidelines of India and this has posed adanger to Nepal’s existence.

Nepali Congress and Girija used to boast the constitution of 1990 was the best in the world, and have rubbed out the provisions they said were unalterable. However, no constitution is good or bad and it only depends on the people who implement it. If there was any fault in the constitution of 1990, it could have been altered and amended. But Girija is raring to break up the country by talking about federal, autonomous and ethnic states with the Maoists for his petty interest. He is power hunger and money minded.

India has been troubling Nepal since democracy was established in Nepal. The unequal treaty of 1950 and the provision of constituent assembly tied up with the Delhi Agreement were legal means to paralyze Nepal and it is still continuing the same ploy. Girija is one of the agents of India. The congress leaders, Girija Prasad Koirala revealed in his biography published in Nepal weekly and Kantipur TV, hijacked in 1973, printed fake Indian currency and smuggled heroin all with Indian help.

This culprit has become the prime minister of the country with the help of the Maoists.

Like Lendhup Dorje who gobbled up Sikkim, the agenda of the constituent assembly is the pretext of RAW by making the leaders of so-called big parties including Girija stand on its behalf. The communists also have fallen into the Indian trap and are treading on the path of treachery and treason against the country. Congress leader Girija P. Koirala who put the country at stake is one of the greatest culprits in Nepal.

What magic wand could these parties and leaders have, who utterly failed when there was cooperation from every side, and how can one believe they can shore up the country from the current problems?

Former Nepali Congress leader BP Koirala used to say: ‘The state of Nepal cannot remain without monarchy and even socialism can co-exist with monarchy in Nepal.’ Similarly, on the ethnic issue, BP Koirala used to say, ‘To incite and instigate Madhesi, Pahadi, Rai, Limbu and others in the name of ethnicity is an act of treachery against the country. What might be the strategy of Hindustan it wants to weaken us? Won’t it adopt this strategy?’

But Girija Prasad had left behind BP’s principle and is going on the path of the Maoists.

Senior journalist Mr. Yubraj Ghimire writes – The nation is sinking due to selfishness of a few party leaders. The Major accused person is Girija Prasad Koirala. Both the movements of 1950-1990 were for the establishment of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Apart to this, people were not participated. Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala had cupidity for President, as suggested by Maoists through Shekhar Koirala and Krishna Sitaula. Mr Koirala with such greed abandoned the principles and beliefs. – Rajdhani, 17th July 2009.

Similarly, Yubaraj Ghimire wrote (Indian Express – 17th Jun.2009) – ‘Nepal’s Prime Minister G P Koirala was involved in manufacturing counterfeit Indian currency notes when he was in political exile in India in the early 1970s. This startling disclosure has been made by Koirala himself in a weekly TV interview series on his past political activities.

Appearing on Kantipur Television, Koirala, in another interview, claimed that R N Kao, then chief of India’s external intelligence agency RAW, had given him the green signal to hijack a Nepal Airlines plane with the promise that nothing would be done to him.

Koirala led a team of Nepali Congress leaders who hijacked a Nepal Airlines flight from Biratnagar to Kathmandu in June 1973 and took away four million rupees meant for the Rashtra Bank.

Not only did he reveal his involvement in the counterfeit currency racket, Koirala also claimed that all this happened with the knowledge and consent of B P Koirala, the legendary socialist leader and Nepal’s first elected Prime Minister.

G P Koirala is the younger brother of B P Koirala who died in 1982. Koirala said he had hired experts to produce counterfeit currency notes when he was in political exile with his brother BP in India after 1968. He claimed that everything was done with the consent of B P Koirala who was then living in Sarnath, UP-India. Giving a graphic account, G P Koirala said he first came into contact with people in the counterfeit currency trade in Forebesganj in Bihar. Once he was convinced about their expertise to produce indistinguishable fake currency notes, he engaged them.’

Is it not a misuse of the Nobel Award?

Central member of Nepali Congress Mr Devendra Nepali accuses Mr Koirala saying – he did nothing even when the country and party was sinking. He imposed Maoist agendas like republic, secularism, federalism and constituent assembly through the back door. The country is facing the consequences. Republic and federalism are the factors to split and destroy the country. (Kantipur, 22nd July 2009.

So, I request all thinking people to send a message in the particular place and website. We must protest until Girija Prasad Koirala’s name is withdrawn from the Nobel Peace Prize Award proposed to the Nobel Committee.

A ditto copy paste from Op-Ed Contributor Nobel Prize for Nepalese Traitor – Girija ? @

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