No loadshedding during Dashain


Unlike Sameer wrote on “Still load shedding in Nepal” in his Sameer 150 blog, NEA must have been releasing potential at the start of the Navaratri/Durga Pooja. We have not been observing any sort of loadshedding atleast for 3 days by now. How come this possible? No load shedding, or has the load shedding gone off for a prolonged period.

My logic, if there’s no batti- how to play Marriage ‘n Call Break btw. This must be an addict to NEA officials or is it so that 10K MW hydropower had been running… kinda a humor. We Nepalis must be ashamed of our talkative-mouthed netas, Nepal is second richest on hydro sources and at the same place hydropower is still a baby thought… This must a long term goal as the Democratic Nepal’s first Prime Minister Prachanda goes on- “Hami Nepal lai 10 barsa ma Suitzerland (sorry, but this spelling is intended) banauchhau.”

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