Nepalese Students, Give Your Career A Head Start With An Enriching Students To Business Internship: Microsoft Students to Business Program for Nepalese Students

Logo: Microsoft-Students-to-Business Most probably one of the best news ever for Nepalese students from Microsoft. It’s high time for Microsoft Students to Business Program for Students, a community initiative designed to connect Microsoft partners and customers with qualified students for entry level and internship positions with technology students from leading universities and colleges. The program is currently accessible in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore.

Students can access IT Academy Students Pass of free e-learning courses, free software- DreamSpark, career insights in Microsoft Developer Network thru free certification and training compliments of Microsoft. The processing with S2B program is rather easy- apply, create a new profile, develop your IT skills and apply for the right internship or job. The S2B program makes that possible through internships with top Microsoft partner companies – internships that provide relevant work experience on innovative projects that greatly enhance students’ value in the job market. Visit the offers page for Various companies.

The objective of the S2B program is to inspire local businesses to communicate the Microsoft technology competency requirements for new talent, to evaluate the skills of students ready for an entry-level job or internship and collaborate with Microsoft and local education institutions to provide the curriculum and training needed to ensure students are prepared to meet the innovation needs of company’s around the globe. Students engaged in S2B benefit from unique mentoring, training and certification opportunities. Various offerings are available to students at each stage of S2B – when profiling, in application and after their job connection.

When you register to the S2B portal you will receive a FREE Microsoft exam certifications that is worth around NPR 5,000. Without such certification, it is difficult to get noticed by hiring managers. Start showing the companies in Nepal and around the world that you and the students from your college mean business by certifying on the technology that you already know. Microsoft will help you by providing you with a FREE* certification exam from now until June 30th, 2009.

Start now by registering at the S2B portal and send an email to them (email address provided at the portal pages) to get your exam voucher. In Nepal, you can contact Mr Allen Bailochan Tuladhar of Unlimited Techonologies, tel: 977-1-2011302/3.

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