Nepal is not that unPopular… Nepal Series Unlimited…

Last month Sameer told me that MTV India ticker said:

Onward next week, 12 hours a week loadshedding (power cut) will be effective in Nepal. Had this been in India, what were you supposed to do? Option a. b. c. d. Send us your opinion in SMS….

Nepal, once a little Himalayan Kingdom– now most probably the brave Himalayan Republic, has go enough attention from its neighbor nations. Why not? One wants to give 200Megawatt electricity power whereas the other rejects. One says he is willing to help Nepal both financially and politically but the other has the problem. This is always a case and this is just a simple example. China-India relation to Nepal is that of Tom and Jerry. Republic, democratic and sociopath and communism… still an enormous dilemma for Nepal.

Yesternite, when watching Discovery Travel and Living, I came to know of Nepalese Yak Cheese. Among world’s top 5 cheese, Nepalese Yak Cheese is a kind of its own. Its so popular among foreigners and taste makers, whereas in the origination country Nepal I never heard of that- or its none in the demand. They just call it chhurpi– another product of Yak milk.

Again comes MTV India making another ticker – Love in Nepal with respect to Sonu Nigam. Again comes other Indian Movie television channels, Nepalese Gundas(villains) are very popular with dwarpals. However, they call in special negative heroes from Nepal, in many demanded movies, to act the force. Who says Nepalese are not popular?

Loadshedding- an oldies topics, Nepalese Politics- the same scenario- its sometimes our turns or yours but let’s eat all the national property, Nepalese Mountaineering- still not that touched by addicts (administration) and long live poor us Nepalis getting poorer day by day. (Please, Google search for the world’s most poorest countries- Nepal is in the top of the list.)

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  1. Yak cheese are also availed by DDC stores as soft cheese. They are the most yummiest cheese. I've also tried Yak Ghees and butters and they also test good.

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