Machhapuchchhre Bank Got the worst ATM ever in Nepal!!!

Nepali-Bank-Machhapuchchhre-Bank-thugging-peopleAnd the new year eve started with so much pain and trouble for a sum of bucks, when she got to get into psychological problems. Machhapuchchhre Bank got the worst ATM ever in Nepal, and more and more bad about banks in Nepal. They are just a namesake bank- looting mass people (aam aadmi)…

One of my friends today got so much pain due to Machhapuchchhre Bank’s ATM (SCT) Card just before she was planning to get a sum of money for her holiday cum New Year shopping.

Error code 002 in blank screen, Your account doesn’t exist and such errors associated with the Automatic Teller Machine are greeting with, to the users upon entering their ATM card onto those boxes. How would general people know what does this mean? Banks allure people to open account (so called khata ) but they lack support and future help to their own bank’s account holders.

Yesterday, this bank sent to all it’s account holders (SMS notification enabled ones): Dear Cardholders, we have now installed our new SYSTEM to support ATMs and Cards. For any supports, plz contact at 4441762 – Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd. Was this just another proof or a good piece of humor? We couldn’t understand. Why do Nepali banks lack public services and supports? They are just oriented towards increasing the number of account holders despite increasing facilities.

She agonized me that this bank’s most of the ATMs in Pokhara are out of order frequently, they are just a show piece, Chipledhunga’s ATM (got 2 under the same roof) is the worst our of them all. However, the management of Machhapuchchhre Bank seems to be closing their eyes and to to it. We never know when these people understand the importance of time. These are not real professional bankers of Nepal, this is for a sure, atleast for this case. BTW, this was not her first time of bad tellering with this bank’s anytime money machines.

Now-a-days we read about banks in Nepal expanding about their ATM booths and other online banking features but why don’t these magazines and newspapers try to explore what is the fate of those banking services once they are launched. Why is there no place to complaint about consumer rights in Nepal? Even if there are (please, comment on this) why are those comments unheard of? This is adding spice to make Nepal even poorer and leader in brief.

About a year ago, we wrote about  e-Banking is a chocking hazard in Nepal focusing eBanking in Nepal with respect to Nepal Investment Bank and Machhapuchchhre Bank. Banking sector has a high fever, there is no real security over transactions.

Most of the banks in Pokhara don’t have basic services needed to be attached to them – like parking (the most pathetic scenario of all), ATM locked during Night (what is the meaning of 24h cash?), long queue of people in counter/ teller/ cashier (due to few tellers, most probably banks are following world economy pattern of lowering staffs),  unclickable or just for name eBanking pages on their very amateur designed web sites, even drinking water facilities inside the bank premises, …

Just a piece of reality of Nepali banks.

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8 thoughts on “Machhapuchchhre Bank Got the worst ATM ever in Nepal!!!”

  1. This is a drastically pathetic condition of nepalese banks. Nepal Rastra Bank ke herera baschha huh,
    who is there to check the quality of those banks? we need answer

  2. Hey Man, it is not only problem in Machhapuchchhre bank. every bank is facing same problem due to poor network(SCT). It seems like u have problem with machhapuchchre bank not with its ATM, if not there is also problem in other bank cards.
    Hey tell me who is paying u to write these things abt machha, give my contact address too, so i could earn few bucks.. writing against other…

    I mean this is the cheap thing anyone can do.. especially like u cheap journalist

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  4. i think the bank is not only responsible for it. Our networking is also weak. i think many customer have very little knowledge about exact operation and other uses of ATMs.
    similarly the weak security has caused a big problem
    i think to improve it the bankers association should organise regular progrmas and training to give knowledge about the sophisticated facility of bank

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