…hands down or up to Pulchowck Campus, when will it be enough, the student killing programs…

Enough done for years and years. IOE, oops! should  be rightly called the Pulchowk Campus, appears so sluggish exactly like the present Government of Prachanda (sorry for delayed post, Mr MK Nepal is the present PM). If you can’t improve it, don’t touch it.

When will both know about it? Semester exams occur every 8 months… how come this be feasible?(Now they are saying to take semesters in each 3 months, is this the meaning of semester?? both 4 or 8) Negative log values.. and divide by zero tolerances how to define… or are there new theories propounded for better engineering or it is just Pulchowk Campus teachers calling to be one.

Pulchowckers don’t need to shift exams. It’s very easy for them. Whatever their teachers have taught, it will ONLY be asked, throw away your syllabus. Affiliated colleges like WRC are just namesake colleges. IOE doesn’t value it a point nor do they care about what’s going on.

Pulchowckers and WRCians (BE) pay exactly the same amount of semester fees and extra whatever it may be. Also the brochure of WRC says there is a VSAT in WRC, Lamachour— this is totally FAKE.

Pulchowckers get internet all the day throughout the college day & on-house 24h. WRCians don’t even smell what’s that like.

Pulchowckers have come-by interest Robotics Club, Specialized Club and Advance Clubs. WRCians face namesake interviews for Robotics Club that too by Krantikari students of DE. And none club except that have I heard of.

Pulchowckers score(80+) in what we would rarely(70+) get of. De facto, WRCians have not brain to score marks- IOE wants to prove.

Foreign Scholarships, international notices, competitions & study enhancement campuses occur only at Pulchowck. In WRC, notice boards are full of samaj, samiti picnic notices.

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