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The result was out yesterday (June 28th, 2009), and the official records available after 5 hours of announcement of the SLC result published. Now, it’s time to download the full SLC result to your computer or mobile and then confirm yourself. Complete info about the Nepal SLC result 2065 is here.

!!! SLC Result 2068 Updates !!!

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This page is going to be very long. You can download each text file or save this page itself and use CTRL+F to search your or your friend’s number.

The SLC result has been simplified by now.

To download txt file for SLC 2065 DISTINCTION, FIRST, SECOND, THIRD DIVISION SYMBOLS AND EXEMTED WITH CANCELLED SYMBOL NUMBERS FOR SLC, go to the download link at the buttom of the article.


These are just few sampled (but correct informative) symbol numbers, for complete list browse to the bottom of this blog post.

0524692L 0524705Y 0524707A 0524715I 0524722P 0524753U 0524754V 0530506B 0530949C 0531680F 0532597M 0532873C 0532875E 0532876F 0532882L 0532883M 0532887Q 0532888R 0532889S 0532895Y 0532908L 0532909M 0532910N 0533064L 0533082D 0533083E 0533084F 0533085G 0533086H 0533088J 0533089K 0533090L 0533091M 0533096R 0533097S 0533098T 0533100V 0533102X 0533104Z 0533106B 0533107C 0533108D 0533109E 0533110F 0533111G 0533114J 0533115K 0533116L 0533117M 0533118N 0533119O 0533121Q 0533122R 0533200R 0533201S 0541164Z 0550925K 0550928N 0550929O 0550933S 0550935U 0550938X 0550940Z 0581235E 0581237G 0581286D 0581290H 0581302T 0582144D 0583063M 0583202V 0583420F 0583421G 0583422H 0583429O 0583472F 0583473G 0583474H 0583475I 0583477K 0583478L 0583481O 0583504L 0583505M 0583521C 0583522D 0583523E 0583524F 0583525G 0583527I 0583528J 0583530L 0583532N 0583533O 0583534P 0583535Q 0583536R 0583537S 0583538T 0583539U 0583542X 0583543Y 0583544Z 0583545A 0583546B 0583547C 0583548D 0583549E 0583550F 0583551G 0583552H 0583553I 0583554J 0583555K 0583572B 0583611O 0583613Q 0583661M 0583662N 0583663O 0583664P 0583665Q 0583667S 0583668T 0583673Y 0583699Y 0583700Z 0583701A 0583706F 0583709I 0583710J 0583711K 0583714N 0583715O 0583716P 0583717Q 0583723W 0583727A 0583728B 0583729C 0583730D 0583731E 0583732F 0583806B 0583847Q 0583848R 0583849S 0583869M 0583871O 0584388L 0585017Q 0585018R 0810555E 0810564N 0810614L 0810762D 0810765G 0810768J 0810836Z 0810846J 0810852P 0810854R 0810855S 0810858V 0810862Z 0810873K 0811153E 0811154F 0811159K 0811162N 0811422N 0811446L 0812753S 0812754T 0812757W 0812759Y 0812761A 0812762B 0812763C 0812764D 0812765E 0812766F 0812767G 0812768H 0812769I 0812770J 0812771K 0812772L 0812773M 0812780T 0812783W 0812922F 0812923G 0812929M 0812932P 0813302V 0813503O 0813504P 0813505Q 0813506R 0813507S 0813508T 0813509U 0813510V 0813511W 0813512X 0813513Y 0813514Z 0813516B 0813517C 0813518D 0813519E 0813520F 0813521G 0813522H 0813523I 0813524J 0813525K 0813526L 0813527M 0813528N 0813529O 0813530P 0813531Q 0813532R 0813533S 0813534T 0813535U 0813536V 0813537W 0813538X 0813539Y 0813540Z 0813541A 0813542B 0813543C 0813544D 0813545E 0813547G 0813548H 0813555O 0813558R 0813747Y 0813748Z 0813749A 0813750B 0813761M 0813765Q 0813766R 0813771W REGULAR-RESULT SLC-2065 6/28/2009 0813785K 0813786L 0813787M 0813788N 0813792R 0813810J 0813812L 0813926V 0814100N 0814102P 0814140B 0814141C 0814147I 0814156R 0814158T 0814160V 0814162X 0814166B 0814168D

Download SLC 2065 results for complete Distinction Marks, click to save file.

Download SLC 2065 results for complete First Division Marks, click to save file.

Download SLC 2065 results for complete Second Division Marks, click to save file.

Download SLC 2065 results for complete Third Division Marks, click to save file.

Download SLC 2065 results for complete Distinction Marks, click to save file.

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