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New Page 1 Recently I came across one of the best Flash Drives I have ever seen and handled. It’s the latest handheld gadget I bought. Transcend’s JetFlash V10 (8GB) is really a unique Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive that allows you to store your files, folders, documents, photos and music on one tiny device. JetFlash plugs directly into the PC and is bundled with very useful softwares.

Varities of USB Drives from Tanscend

I could no longer survive than use the best of the features from the original Flash Disk makers:

  • Fully compatible with Hi-speed USB 2.0
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Driverless ( Today, almost none flash drives and MP3 players need drivers unless you are using Windows 98)
  • USB powered. No external power or battery needed.
  • The best of all is that the Transcend product is covered by the Lifetime warranty from the date of purchase, this means one can be assured of the safety when buying a feature riched pen drive.


A bunch of useful JetFlash Elite Software pack includes useful data-management software:

  •  PC-Lock Function: Makes JetFlash a key to lock your computer
  • Secret-ZIP Function: Compresses and/or Password protect saved files using AES 256-bit Encryption
  • E-Mail Function: Use your JetFlash to Securely Send, Receive and SAve e-mails
  • AutoLogin Function: Automatically login to websites where you have a password
  • Favorite or Bookmark Function: Store all your favorite website addresses on the JetFlash
  • DataBackup Function : Backup, Restore and Synchronize your data using the JetFlash
  • My JetFlash: Access your JetFlash directly

Some of the featured JetFlash USB Flash Drives from Transcend include

o   JetFlash V90 Pearl – USB as a Fashion Statement

o   JetFlash V90 Classic – Store your Data with Timelss Style and Sophistication

o   JetFlash V85 – Shiny, Compact Elegance

o   JetFlash V60 – More Value, more colors, more fun

o   JetFlash V35 –Candy-colored Storage

o   JetFlash V30 – Thin in size, big on value

o   JetFlash V20 – Store more save more

o   JetFlash V10 – Capless Freedom

o   JetFlash  T3 – The possibilities are endless

o   JetFlash 185- When elegance and performance come together

o   JetFlash 168 – A taste of the Orient

o   JetFlash 160 – Take your office on the road

o   JetFlash 150 – Classic styling and reliably

o   JetFlash 130 – More options to define your mood

o   JetFlash 110 – Capless performance with retractable USB thumb drive

o   JetFlash 2A – Up to 16 GB truly amazing

o   JetFlash 220 – Secure storage at your fingertips, with Fingerprint recognition security USB drive

This Transcend product is covered by the Lifetime warranty from the date of purchase, this makes JetFlash USB drives feature riched thumb drives. Capacity ranges from 512 MB to heavy storage of 16 GB.

Some of the featured T.sonic MP3 Players from Transcend include

o   T.sonic 850 – Let the music flow, full colo TFT display

o   T.sonic  840 – Spread color to the world with music, brilliant 1.8″ color TFT screen

o   T.sonic  820 – Ready to rock, custom playlist builder

o   T.sonic  650 – Easy listening, weighs just 30 grams

o   T.sonic  630 – Rich with features, advanced recording options

o   T.sonic  610 – Unbeatable value and versatility, customizable user EQ settings

o   T.sonic  520 – Reflect your personality, line-in MP3 recording

Transcend’s T.sonic Series MP3 players are designed and constructed by industry experts using top quality materials and components. Every product is ensured for integrity, all products protected with 2-year limited warranty.

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