The easiest way to remove viruses/malwares without installing any antivirus software

The easiest way to remove viruses without installing any antivirus software, caution you need a Live Boot Linux CD/DVD.

This is what I ways do whenever may system gets infected. Having known that your PC is infected, say it may be any virsu be it autorun.exe or autorun.vbs or regedit/task manager/folder option disabler, boot.exe, or any other script viruses including many malwares, just get to find brief of the infector ie a virus, say.
What I do:
  • I ways install TuneUp Utilities program after a clean format.
  • Wheverever there (seems to) occur antivirus or malwares or other bad intended programs auto-installed from the web or the pen drive, get what it exactly is.
  • Process manager help you to know the detail which of the running system process is fake and has potential threat.
  • Here comes the work of Live Boot Linux, start your PC booting from the Linux, I use Slax Kill Bill Edition.
  • Okay here comes your windows of the Linux OS, go to the hard disk partition and folders which contain viruses predetermined.
  • Delete all the files and folders created and infected.
  • You can also delete installed programs from %system%Program Files.
  • Reboot your system with the XP OS, now check if still the virus traces remain.
  • Run the StartUp Manager and delete all the entries that are set forth by virus(es).
  • Next open Registry Cleaner and clean all the obsolete entries made by virus, this is done automatically by the program.
  • You might like to clean your disk or recycle bin and temporary files from the system as well, use DiskCleaner.
  • Restart your system and there you’re with the clean, effecient and working system.
  • Do not forget to scan the system with the latest updated antivirus program.

I have found that this process works only if the infected file/folder or/and the virus resides in the FAT and FAT32 formatted disk only. You can’t delete files in NTFS partitions from Linux, I couldn’t …

Most of Linux OSes are free, you can easly get one. You can get help at an instant from Microsoft’s KB support site. Got any problems, I’m ready to help with.

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