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Hello friend,
Welcome to the world of facetious objects!
Today is the day, I feel like taking my very first lecture in WRC, all alone with hopes of getting up but here lies the difference I have no any hope in life anymore. I am a looser. I am a liar. I am a self puzzling and confusing men, I have no predefined realities in life. And exactly I like to live my life but taking no confrontations because I am never a friend. A virtual friend, I was trying to find to fulfill my selfishness and all that roam around me, yes around Ekendraan object of instances for the protected elites.
I am not begging for any sorry nor any excuses. I was wrong or mistaken so am not liable for any forgiveness. I pride, still for my falsified propaganda that down pours over my cheeks and for a good news it gets spread to your ear asa it does grinds. I was pessimist, am pessimist and will always be a fervent pessimist. The reward of being true, the award of taking one’s life as it has to along with someone else who deserve your accompany. My salute to those of my trilaminar fiascoes ruling my really notorious presence on this thud.

Down to the earth, I am blessed with blasphemy. I am a fervent hater of the almighty that’s too pure to hand in with ables and ables. For an example, take an object ekendra and another a friend and in case you need the third extravaganza of this bonus share might be purity_of_care. Now let’s create a a universal class with its preposositinoal objective of how the first object can be interpolated with the second and consequently the third one. There’s always a back up. Just delete the priority level in reading the console of the input or delete the first object to substitute it’s functioning with another friend, a function that might accompany you in all your grieves but to give you happiness no matter what the care might be defined for.

The conjunction with facetious objects are always the victims of reward for being a true. A true in sense that you don’t care for other’s objectionable content and you are solely focused on and on for a sorry or exclusively defined excuse. No matter what the earthy strata has for purity_of_care, I am the one to be befooled each and every time. I am the one malfunctioning thy world class recruited refugee. This object ekendra can be deleted, modified or even you can mould it to your design or desire but think once before you patent your creations.
The sole response for registering this hoax might lead you to a day’s happiness or a week’s priority or even your lifetime’s betterhalf. But you can never surely find a true and a true sorry for no wrong you made. All my confrontations and lamentations are my sense of being an object. Please, do not throw your kind words for something that has no life in it lets you might be encircled to the moron’s world.

Till I virtualize my world, Good bye folks!

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