Prithvi chowck Saleways to shut down

Finally centralization ends in Pokhara. I believed Saleways Prithvi Chowck is doing great. But considerable after many years of loosing to attract potential customers the Prithvi Chowck branch of the Saleways is to end up here. They are evacuating their stores till the end of Baisakh ie up to May 14, 2007 by offering heavy discounts[3 to 50%] on their items. But many of the items discounted as I observed and bought [Label: Goods Sold Never Refunded and Exchanged]. Even some jeans back to 12 years are on sale offering 50% discounts.

You be careful with your discount on every purchase you make. The counter girls might not be opting discount rates [even I suffered this twice and finally I had to broke my mouth], also be careful apparels are fit for you or the person who you are buying for. Do not take bank/ATM cards because they are nasty girls sitting at the counter. Even they don’t validate their own membership card. Oops! their system can’t read membership discount purchase <might be POS software disadvantage>. A big sorry for ’em, my membership card has not yet been renewed which I gave them on April of 2006.

Nextime I go for shopping with my sister, I had to rush to heavy crowds on downtown Pokhara merely at Chipledhunga and/or Mahendrapul. Happy shopping, the sales might end before you make your visit to Saleways Departmental Store Pvt Ltd, Pokhara.

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