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EROS Entertainment presents, A Killer Love Story…
Starring Esha Deol, Fardeen Khan, Isha Koppikar, Zakir Hussain
Gulshan Kumar present, A T Series Film, DARLING, Directed by RamGopal Varma

Aditya (Fardeen Khan) is living every man’s dream. He’s hot a beautiful, traditional wife (Isha Koppikar) at home and a stunning wildcat girlfriend (Eshan Deol) at work. Balancing the two women with clever lies, he gets to experience the best of both worlds.

The going is good. Till his girlfriend shocks him with the news that she is pregnant. Aditya is cornered. He has to confess to her that he cannot leave his wife as he has been promising her all along. His girlfriend is devastated. She flies into a rage. A brutal flight ensues, in which she accidentally dies.

Terrified, Aditya disposes of her body and returns home, thinking that the worst is behind him. But he couldn’t be more wrong. For the nightmere has only just begun.
His wild girlfriend is back as a ghost. And she will stop at nothing till she gets her revenge…

A Paul Greengrass Film,
The Bourne Ultimatum, Remember everything. Forgive nothing.

Matt Damon returns as the trained assassin Jason Bourne fort the latest showdown in “THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM” directed by acclaimed director PAUL GREENGRASS (“UNITED 93”, “THE BOURNE SUPREMACY”) joins returning cast members Julia Stils (Mona Lisa Smile) and Joan Allen Face off) and new additions David Strathairn (Fracture), Paddy Considine (Hot Fuzz) and Edgar Ramirez (Domino). All he wanted was to disappear. Instead, Jason Bourne is now hunted by the people who made him what he is. Having lost his memory and the one person he loved, he is undeterred by the barrage of bullets and a new generation of highly-trained killers.

Bourne has only one objective: to go back to the beginning and find who he was.

In additions, I could merely read captions of the DVD9 dual layer entitling for my 9 years old bro Prajanya:

  • Top 100 Cartoon Movie in the world

  • Goofy Movie

  • The Polar Express

  • Catch Dog Staff

  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Hindi picture My Friend Ganesha by Koffe Break Pictures, Radiant Animations has animated in no second fiddle.

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