Monarchy battle at Nepal's parliament

Times of India on its website writes about the Latest status of Monarchy in Nepal
After fighting from the jungles for 10 years, Nepal’s Maoists have finally taken the battle against king Gyanendra to parliament, with prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Tuesday agreeing to call a special session of the house and ask legislators to decide the once all-powerful monarch’s fate.

Nepal’s new constitution allows parliament to make the momentous decision if it thinks the king is trying to block the constituent assembly election that is supposed to seal the fate of his 238-year-old dynasty. If two-third of the MPs vote to abolish monarchy, Nepal’s royal family would become a page in history.

Three days after the Maoists rustled up more than the number of legislators’ signatures needed to demand a special house session, Koirala began consultations with the speaker, Subhash Chandra Nembang, to decide on the correct course of action. While both agreed that a special session would have to be called, the date was not named immediately since many of the sitting MPs are at present in their constituencies, having started campaigning or the 22 November election.

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