Making time tables… Good bye 2004

This is a post from history…. January 1, 2005 for reviving what’s with 2004. It’s mere a thought and proclaimed unconsiousness of what called a life-returns for you.

Making time tables is the easiest everyone work it out but don’t falter executing is the hardest after all. As like orders are to be made, not to be followed.
What on the earth if still humane human exists and everyman have a person inside, do you? I wonder how can I survive in this world. Realm or just ecstasy of mere fantasy. Sentiments, should they always be maudlin or evanescent? And so called GOD is the one never existing and making everyone almost a criminal. Do it yourelf or RSVP.
Chiller winters are always the aftermath New 365 days. Discovering a persona of self is motivated by summer thoughts or just sobering. Just the last one percent of the third categorized so self-called ulterior queer marines are not only the saluters but assistances derived devices.
I regret I may be wrong but must admit the truth I couldn’t find the meaning of life in a thousand-rupee note. have you? Let me know. Resurrections for… newbie.. neovisions to be followed not ‘Eat, drink and be merry; for tomorrow, we die’. Anyway happy new year ’05.
Future is made in past; and past in future. Amarsh

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