Life is a challenge face it!

Finally after a long run, here comes my another crazy abstractness, life is a challenge, face it. The article might not deal with life at all or with life in each paraphrase.
Most of us, shrinking for a reason or the other today, are at a risk, risk of facing life itself as a big challenge. Complications and convictions are the factors. Likewise, it is an inevitable part of pain but the suffering is optional. This is up to you how you make suffering an optional, take risk and face the challenge.
This is not a bygone days’ static frames inside one’s hearty thing like, but life is pure dynamic challenge. I mean to say time bounded, controlled over by the bread not the head. Inundation of love and apathy, oops my common agonistic word selection, are to be flowed with the dynamism of your own thoughts.
Change is again a challenge itself. Towards the beginning of this platform, I used to quote change is development, followed by rectification as positive change. So, get your life a change.
Take sauna or jacuzzi once every week. Don’t go to artificial, steam bath is a nice alternative treatment for ailment removal. Frustration washed is more better than frustration conceived. So, eat hygienic foods and a cup of hard brew/ mocha might increase a little sharpness before you loose everything in dream.
More on “Make it a change: Now or Never” to be published later.

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