Letting a free-er life : The early days

 A Post from the History 


The first day of the third semester, merely 20 pupils, and waiting for maths teacher, I got a chance to turn pages in the Digit Fast track for Blogging. Everything rolled back me, the first time I knew blogging was June 2005 when I started myzenith blog but before that I had the concept that let people from all over the world share their personal life, yes very personal life- an absolutely free journal/records.


When I was at the end of ISc IInd year, I made another account at CJB.net named it phrasallife.cjb.net and yet another called itslife.cjb.net. There was nothing left to post on it, I created a simple page with FrontPage and wrote the earliest manuscript on the topmost area. Edited each time I went to cyber with FrontPage installed or at Bhainsepati. Days went and went, I included realities, not even a single fact. My page was in real a search for true friend, yes a true friend….. I will make it go on later posts ASA I remember.


But today, I was a perfectionist. I was recalling my world. I decided to make a very very personal journal and not to keep a back up of even a single post, I could not continue my aesthetic on myzenith blog, nor i-geek blog not even the morons-world, the latest share blog too. Started each one with a view to be personal but as my friends demanded… I have to make them more comfortably written, for everyone to read. However, not well going on… that means though I posted some of the very personal topics- nobody seem to be reading… also I could not continue doing that sooner or later I had to merge my status on the Net.


“I will make a blog- very very personal, I will post as I could, I won’t be posting any virtual posts, today is August 5, 2007- the first Sunday of August and the very Friendship day.”


“I don’t know why people don’t like to stay with me in the same desk, I was alone but to others. Inside I was developing a new world of blogging my life concept.”


And this finally happen to discover my blogging new arena. The Blogging my life title of other blogs proved fiasco so I am to eliminate them.


The mathematics teacher finally enters the class, and I left pending the pages. To be continued to another page in 3. 

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